Thursday, April 21, 2005

Shopping Monster

Its terrible now that I have access to the computer I've gone mad and have been checking out all the american knitting websites and book sites and got very excited when I came across one fine yarn as they did the Jill Vosburg patterns and the shardigan plus the crayon box pattern that they are talking about on the ample knitters site, so I merrily ordered away including a couple of odd balls of yarn that I couldn't resist, I came to the checkout and attempted to pay by Paypal, as I don't have a credit card, to be told after filling all my information that they only accept US funded paypal accounts how frustrating.

I still have 21 rabbits, eight cats and one lit Raeburn so all going well if a little tired from lack of sleep. Dyed two sets of yarn last night and am about to go and tackle another batch.

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Anonymous said...

Ok - I'll try to find all of my JV's patterns and keep them in one place for you to look at. Crayon Box pattern was ordered 2 weeks ago so should be here soon - are you sure you don't have my credit card tracked?

If you want me to order anything for you let me know and we'll sort out payment when the bill comes in.

forgot my blogger password so I'll have to be "anonymous" but you know who I am!!