Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quick Note

ust a quick note to say hi before I head off to Skip North WooHoo !!!!!!!! So bags packed and ready to go and am about to leave for Lixies but thought I would drop by and post a picture of my man (I know cheesy) I guess I am still in the wonderful moment when you meet someone and it is just right, not necessarily explainable so I trying not to analysis it and just go with it. Fingers crossed.

Oh he did ask me to point out that although he know what a knit stitch is he is not a knitter lol.

On the knitting side have got a little done but I am not going to finish my socks for the olympic challenge but am determined to finish the face cloth :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting Honest (well mostly)

Ok knitting first before the soppy stuff :)
I finally managed to post the pictures of the yarn that I am using for the sockpalozza/olympic knitting socks.


Its Lorna's Laces Desert and is absolutely beautiful to work with, and here is proof that I have been doing some work on them

The start

I have actually got further than this honest just while the going was good with posting pics I thought I would go with what I had.
I also managed to do some dyeing today, I forgot how heavy wet wool is, two batches were a reasonable success but one is truley hideous and willl have to be over dyed, but I have finished the fibre for the drop spinning class at Skip North and a few little extras.
Les and Tess are back tomorrow after what sounds a reasonable weekend away at a show and so far the raeburn is still lit and all bunnies and cats accounted for :)

So I guess a bit more of the soppy stuff (will understand if you don't read on) so the weekend has gone well have not got on each others nerves (well he hasn't got on mine anyway ) even though we can't really go anywhere because of the bunnies, so now we see what is to come, still scarey and I think will be for a while as both our histories are interesting and leave us both a little, well lets just say interesting :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Smiley Happy People

Ok so still knitting giggling and smiling (ok not so much knitting), I am back at SIlkwood for the weekend with all the animals and the now infamous Raeburn but even its temepermantal outbursts can't wipe the smile off my face at the moment. I am going to let you into a little secret, I've met someone (no not just anyone:) he makes me feel like a million dollars, well I could go on and on but wouldn't want to bore you in that sickenly sweet way that I could, suffice to say that he is here with me at SIlkwood for the weekend and hasn't once flinched when I have addressed a rabbit/cat/raeburn and engaged them in conversation, and he can even knit :) A little scared, I guess this is normal for everyone, but very very happy.

So now I have that off my chest (I've been wanting to share for a while) back to the knitting, ok so my olympic knitting not going so great have been slightly distracted but both projects are on the go and have done most of the complicated bit of the peacock wash cloth.

Hopefully will get a chance to do some spiining and dyeing this weekend fingers crossed depending on the weather but warm enough at the moment.
Hopefully will post some pictures later

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Ok quick update of last two days.
smile knit smile goggle smile knit wind smile cough smile giggle knit sniff giggle smile knit sing smile knit giggle cough smile panic swear smile type smile cough panic smile cough giggle cough giggle smile giggle smile cough knit knit cough panic worry sniff cough giggle giggle hot smile knit knit smile type.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Ok have just finished a nice little post starting with a couple of sentences of how I thought I'd fixed my computer then it went and eat my post :)

So lets try that again, ok so maybe I haven't ironed out all the problems with the computers but it is definitely better.

Also for all of those that have been asking the bunny is doing well and is eating and drinking happily.

So first wool shot

This is Lornas laces desert from Get Knitted for use for my Sockpalozza socks, I am thinking of attempting Jaywalker but will see what the yarn does in that pattern, I know that I had loads of yarn that I could have used but these colours are so right for my exchange pal.

Talking of Olympic knitting so the flame was lit last night and well I didn't get a lot done lol, I've been a little distracted (in a good way) in fact have been a little distracted all week really.

Ok so no picture for some reason blogger this morning is having a bit if a problem as it just lost all my links as well never mind have to head off to the studio to wind some kits so I'll try and post a picture or to later.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Final Day here

Ok have a little more time now for a longer post.
Look its still lit

Yes its still going, touch wood still 24hrs to go but looking good so far. I know it only seems like a small thing but it is so out of my normal reality it seems like a huge achievement to me. Talking to Gill the other day she said that I may be having more problems than normal because of the bad weather and the different air pressure?
This is my poor little bunny,
Sick Bunny

I'm sorry that the image is so dark but I decided she probably didn't need the flash going off in her face right now poor thing.

I also managed to do some knitting yesterday, I once more attempted the fish on my shawl and then had to undo them again, frustrating but the good news is that by the time the Pianist had finished (more of which later) I had worked out what I was doing wrong and have finally managed to get the first two rows correct and am about to settle down in front of Time Team to see if I can get the next row done.

Ok so i watched the film The Pianist for the first time last night, I know a little later than anyone else as I seem to be unable to go and see a movie recommended by film reveiwers I have no idea why and it is even worse if it has won an oscar. Well I was pleasently suprised and was really moved by the film except for the last twenty minutes which seemed to be missing something, I think I am going to have to go and find the book as I know that there is only so much you can fit in the space of a film.

Ok and finally just because they have been missing for a while here is a kitty shot. This is Morg whose favourite trick is everytime you pass by it rolls on ots back to show you his tummy it is very cute.
Cat Pic

Rabbit Update

Good news the bunny survived the night and has actually started drinking on her own and has even started to eat some of her dried food, she still isn't herslf but definitely a lot brighter than yesterday.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Vet in training

Ok so still no pics but have found out the right slot for the memory card so fingers crossed tomorrow.
I haven't managed any knitting today either, in fact I haven't achieved much, I do have a good excuse though we have a sick bunny, we think it may be wool block (listen to me I think I'm a vet) but basically its because when the angora grooms itself it obviousley ingests some of its own fur and I guess because it has such a long coat sometimes it becomes like a big fur balll which bllocks there insides up completely. So heres an image for you, me the city girl attempting to pick up a sick rabbit gently tipping it on its back keeping hold of it and trying to give it a dose of Liquid Parrifin Emulsion, all I can say is that I am glad that it was a good tempered bunny by the second time I actually got more in the bunny than down me, the other side effect especially in this cold weather is that they stop drinking so I a also trying to feed her a glucose solution, I am on a very steep learning curve but she seems a little brighter this evening and was nibbling quite happily on some dry bed last time I checked on her so fingers crossed we will see what the morning brings.
We won't talk about the Raeburn.
And all of this and no choclate in the house.....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Chilly cats

Ok still no pictures, I will get my act together eventually but have been busy fighting with the damn Raeburn that has decided to have a strop today in fact I thought it had gone out this morning, just as the snow started to fall!!!! After a lot of loving tender care I managed to resurect it but its just started to play up again. I am not sure if its the direction of the wind or what but I feel it could be a late night.
I didn't manage too much today between the antics with the raeburn it took me a little longer with the rabbits too as I have found it is impossible to wear gloves to feed them in the morning as they just end up stuck to the food or the hay or the straw and it was so cold this morning I had to come in after every eight bunnies to let my hands warm up a little as they were becoming painful from the cold. It seems to have warmed up a little this evening so not such a long job but as it is still cold I have all the cats inside, its like having an audience everywhere I go. In fact Pickles was most upset when I had to move him to sit down.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm Baaacckkk

Sorry about the brief intermission yet more computer issues but happily now settled in at Silkwood for the rest of the week so I even get broad band.

Thank you so much for all my blogaversiry I was so chuffed and I have done the draw and first out of the hat was Dawn followed by spuk 113 so small parcels will be in the post soon, so look out for an email from me to check your postal addresses.

The second fantastic bit of news was the arrival of some books and magazines that I got from While you were sleeping one is Paper Scissor Cloth, a magazine that Sue introduced to me a while ago but have been unable to get hold of without difficulty here and a book I had been looking at about altered books now if those two weren't enough she added a bonus of Creative knitting and it almost made me break my no new casting on until something is finished I really am going to make the spiral needle holders. Hopefully I will put the pic up later but am still working out which hole on the card reader my memory card goes in lol.

I also treated myself today and made my way over to Charlshalton Craft, I have managed to put off a visit since I stayed here last and it is still as nice as I remember and brought the odd thing (ok maybe a few things:). SO now its back to the cats and rabbits and of course the by now infamous raeburn which I cannot really let go out in this weather as it is absolutely freezing here at the moment.

More tomorrow