Thursday, June 30, 2005

Quick note

Have a great day at Silkwood and stayed on for dinner so am a little later coming home so can't face posting photos tonight as struggling to keep my eyes open (a rare moment for me) so will confess all about mine and Yvonnes adventures to both the Harrods sale and Liberty sale yesterday. Also new picture of Bunnies and cats and yarn from Silkwood. Oh dear I feel a lot of photos coming on

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stormy Weather

Sorry this post is going to be a little photo heavy as I have a little catching to do.
Firstly here are the pictures of the yarns in my second parcel from Cold Spring.

super chunky Posted by Hello

This is a lightly light in colour they are both Super Chunky, I love the mossy green not so sure about the grey its a bit yellow for me.

look at the stash enhancement Posted by Hello

The two cones in the foreground are my favourite, its the cotton Angora and it is so soft, I've been warned it splits but it feels so nice and I can wear its against my skin. Behind that are the two cones of DK cotton not in my favourite colours but practical for bags and things.
This is a progress shot on my hat in Rowan DK cotton
hat progress Posted by Helloas you can see I have finished the crown and am now on the stripey sides its not looking too bad the sides have pulled in a little but I think it will be a design feature as I refuse to frog it.

And finally this is the start of the Delta Burke cardie
cardigan edge Posted by Hello so far so good and I do like the colour I've got it down to 15mins per row hopefully I will get quicker as the jumper grows.

Did you see the spectacular thunder and lightening this evening, I sat in the studio and watched at least two hours of constant light show with the storm moving closer and closer and then the really heavy rain, this is when I found out the downside to being able to open the studio windows as one got stuck and I had to go out in the heaviest part of the storm to close it from the outside. But only two leaks in the roof tonight so not to bad.

Going to the Liberty Preview tomorrow night but the only thing I plan to get is some Jaeger Shetland if there is any left as I think I've already blown my wool budget for the year and still considering calling and seeing if there is any more cotton angora.

Just for Yvonne Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sorry no Photos

Sorry no photos ofr this entry as battteries on charge so tomorrow I promise.

The Good news though I have finished Knitting Edgy just one lining to sew in and the only reason I didn't complete that was that I ran out of daylight and I've made that mistake in the past and had to unpick it all because its the wrong colour so hopefully today I will finish.

So that being the case I couldn't resist any longer and cast on the cardigan in the cashmerino Aran from Cold Spring Mill in the turquoise, 315 stiches later, I know I don't like sewing up but it makes it an awfully long row about twenty minutes a time while still in the pattern border but it is looking good and I actually think my tension is about right. I got about an inch done last night leaving the studio around eleven last night. I know I have more UFO's than fingers but I couldn't wait.

Also started another blanket square I think I'm on a role I think this maybe my travel knitting (not that I go to far these days).

Oh I did this survey for MIT only took about 5mins

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Edgy almost there

Ok so I managed to do the three last rows of Edgy then of course decided it needed another ten.
Wasn't the thunder and lightening amazing, apparently the lightening earlier in the week struck a set of flats locally and blew out an entire chimmeny stack and left a couple of people in hospital. No reports of any disasters yesterday but it was nice to get a bit of fresh air through the studio even if a couple of buckets had to be deployed as the rain was obviously going in the right direction to find the holes in the roof.
I had a good night at Liberty and manged to restrict my spending to four ball of DK Cotton

Rowan DK Cotton Posted by Hello
Well the oroiginal plan was to make another hat to continue my Fairisle oractice but last night ended up starting a blanket square in it so who knows
I alos brought these wonderful Dpn from Nancy especially like the short five inch ones for socks.

Dpn's Posted by Hello
She also had some great wooden larger needles that I think I might buy as a christmas present.
Yvonne also brought along our ebay wins from Turkey this is some of our leftovers,

Turkey wool Posted by Hello
sorry about the pictures forgot to take them until it was dark last night, will try to take some in the daylight today.
I decided its definitely the cardigan but think I'm going to wait and see what the cotton angora is like they said it was Pistachio so I think it may be the same as Dawns if not the moss green cashmerino aran will be put to use I think.
And look what Jan gave me fantastic as I was starting to run low .

My Pressie Posted by Hello

So I think there might be some dyeing on the cards today if I finish Edgy but want to get back to watch Glastonbury especially as Mageic Numbers playing tonight, it makes me crave a festival not sure about that much rain, we've been fairly lucky in the past and usually only have small downpours especially since they moved the site to Chelthnam and Glouster Race course (oh the joy of indoor loos I know I'm getting old) but just the thought of sitting in a field listening to good music and knitting sounds good right now. Ok another incentive to learn to drive.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Too hot!!!!!!!

This heat is just too much, not a lot getting done I'm afraid very little knitting just too warm.
Unfortunately hasn't stopped me spending as I'm afraid I called Cold Spring Mill again and ordered more yarn this time some angora and some cotton, I couldn't resist especially as I would never be able to afford to buy this quality yarn for a jumper my size normally. So I've been debating about what to knit, I really wanted something where I didn't have to alter the pattern and could just knit.
So I thought maybe this

Delta Burke Pattern Posted by Hello

Or this

Three part pattern Posted by Hello

I think probably the cardigan as it is more practical for me.

I also got my parcel finally from the states can't show everything as a bit of it is a present but this was for me yes I know more sock yarn,

socks and more socks Posted by Hello

I just wanted to see the quality really and it is as good as a Regia or an Opal mind you won't get a chance to knit with it for a while.
Edgy is still waiting for cooler weather as it is just to hot to work with at the moment so in the studio yesterday I gave in on any knitting and tackled the desk that dan and Mark found and I have been ironing on which is a rather distressed fake regency thing so it was sanded down and a first coat of midnight blue Gloss was applied, I know it sounds horrendous and yes I would have preferred matt but this tin of paint only cost me a pound so gloss it is, I like the colour and dark enough to find pins on. I think eventually this is going to be the permenant home for my sewing Machine, It has a couple of small drawers to put accessories in to and it will stop me having to keep setting up the machine when I need it.
And for all of you concerned about my newly acquired cashmerino aran it is all safely stowed away at the studio where most of my wool has now been taken too after the Kid Silk Haze incident.
After that Robin (of the cooper clan that inhabit the studios) came to visit with his newish little girl Cressida she is so cute and had great fun destroying my map collection the added bonus being that he managed to open my windows that have been painted shut since I moved in so I can now get a little more fresh air in the studio.
Looking forward to Liberty tonight even if the journey is going to be horrendous in this heat

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Day

Told you be back to noormal service today, thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts it is really appreciated and does mean a lot, I'm so grateful to have such good friends.

Ok back to knitting look what I got in the post today from Cold spring Mill

what lovely wool Posted by Hello
Ok I confess these are just three of the cones that arrived and considering calling up again tomorrow and ordering some cotton as I think I can make a jumper per cone so that means a ten pond cashmerino jumper which can't be too bad.

Still haven't finished edgy have all the components now but it has just been too hot to work with wool, in fact got so desperate today went out and brought a fan for the studio and yes did consider stripping off but decided that my fellow studio members couldn't cope with the sight especially as I seemed to be getting a few more visits than normal. Did do a bit more on my cotton hat and have started on the diagonal stripes down the side.

Ok spot the mistake in this photo

one two ..... Posted by Hello
No its not a trick of the camera that is two Poppys, well in fact its one Poppy and one Michelle they ae sisters and argue like they are. This is what I found waiting for me yesterday when I got up, apparently my brothers friend who got the kitten at the same times mum has just gone in for chemotherapy and Michelle(not my choice of name) is a risk of infection so now we have two kittens.

leave me alone Posted by Hello
Doesn't she look like she's wearing eye liner!!! She's a completely different character from Poppy a lot mor jumpy and not so brave so our house is now turning into the local zoo.

watch that bird Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Non Knitting Post

Just a warning this entry doesn't contain any knitting so feel free to skip it normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Why the no knitting well besides being to hot, its the six month anniversary of the day I lost Robin (not helpful when combined with fathers day).

Sometimes it seems like I miss him more now I know that is only an illusion, I just wish that he'd had that chance to come down and meet everyone' some one, we had it all planned he was going to come down in November and meet everyone and ask my dad for my hand (how old fashioned but very him) we didn't get that chance. Nobody got the chance to meet the Robin I knew the one that brought me a pink rose corsage on our first date, the Robin that knew without asking if I'd had a bad journey up and drive us to the closest cafe to get me a cup of Tea, the Robin that took me to a local market gardner each week to buy me all my fresh vegtables for the week to make sure I was eating properly the Robin who never swore in fronet of me (even though apparently he could swear for England), The Robin that made me laugh even if I was crying, the Robin that made me feel like the most important person in the world, instead people get to meet the mess that I am now.

I sometimes wish that I had called his bluff and had gone into that registry office and then at least I would exsist, I don't ecsist legally, not on the death certificate, no right to the home we shared I couldn't even sign the DnR, I know the family recognise me which must be hard for them as they didn't even meet me until he was taken into hospital and they included me in every desicion but its not the same.

People always say how much I did for him but they seem to miss the point he did as much for me yes even when he was really sick I knew that he was there and would do anything he could for me and thats probably what I miss the most he was the person I first spoke to in the morning and the last person I spoke to at night and thats when its worst. We could talk forever we never seemd to run out of things to say ever and now its very quiet. Yes I can still hear him and would hate me feeling so sorry for myself but I just needed to share and maybe it would explain why sometimes I don't get to partyies or gatherings, why sometimes I'm not working on full steam and I'm sorry for that.

Now before anyone worries too much I am fine a little sad but fine and I plan too turn my phone off for the day and go and sit in an air conditioned cinema and enjoy and escape into a fantasy world and try and escape this heat. I hope you will forgive me for my indulgencce.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hi and Bye

Just a quick posting as I should be in the studio putting kits together, I recieved my parcel this morning from Creative Grids who I had ordered a set of handles from for my edgy, great service by the way almost next day, and of course added a couple of extra pieces to the order

Parcel Posted by Hello

I have to say I'm not sure about the handles will try them out today I really wanted some 1950's angular ones but can't find any to order any suggestions truely welcome.
I did manage some knitting yesterday even in this humidity admittedly cotton first an attempt at fairisle

look how stressed I was Posted by Hello

inspired by Tracy and her poetry decided I was far to stressed to do this see the really bad puckering so moved onto trying a hat starting from the centre of the crown and working out, quite pleased with the result so far not the colours I hasten to add (don't usually knit with cotton so not a lot around).

Hat in the making Posted by Hello
And last of all a piicture of Poppy she is such a camera lover

poppy picture Posted by Hello

Oh Dads fine thank you for all of you were concerned its not as bigger a deal as it sounds honest he went out quite happily with his girlfriend last night.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Good News

Three more rows and I complete Edgy..... I was starting to worry especially reading other peoples blog to discover that they had already recieved their gifts, felt a little better after Liberty last night where several other people were still working on theirs. Hopefully have it all completed cat hair removed ends woven in and I'm done.
Had a couple of horrendous days, firstly the washing machine broke down now I know that doesn't sound like too bad a thing but with the washing saga that goes on in this household it usually means that I get to use it once a month and do a whole days washing so I had booked out Wednesday to do all my washing only to discover that my first was wasn't rinsing and then wouldn't let me have my washing. (Finally fixed at the end of the day when I found the filter full of coins, don't ask). This was promptly followed by my Dad coming in to tell me he is off to the hospital with chest pains, now this isn't as dramatic as it sounds he has long term heart problems so i'm kind of used to it, he got sent back later in the day from the hospital where they had discovered the balloon that keeps one of his ateries open had started to collapse so he is back next week for a new one. So spent the whole day worrying for one reason or another but did get the majority of edgy done.
Now Thursday morning didn't go quite as planned for a start I overslept by about four hours as my normal wake up time is around seven as I don't sleep that well instead I woke up at quarter to eleven. SO the rest of the day didn't quite catch up with me, did get to Liberty's which is always nice and relaxing just what I needed and actually got some knitting done on Dan's socks another stripe of the bee sock complete, even managed to restrain myself in the wool department trying to save myself for the sale. Unfortunately I heard the call of choclate cake from borders which was fatal three books later I escaped and started to suffer from the choclate cake in fact by the time I got home I felt exceedingly nausious, that will teach me.

I did finally succumb to buying 'Hand Knitting New Directions',

new book Posted by Hello
I've been looking at it since I met Alison Ellen at a craft show just before it was published and I saw all her wonderful sample garements and I must admit I am enjoying reading it and feeling a little inspired, not sure if there is anything in it that I haven't done before but I think it is a good reference book, and after being inspired by the hat that Joanne had at Liberty I think I may tackle one of those next mind you the jumper she was also wearing which was from Debbie Bliss' Cathay book called button up cardigan

Button Up Cardigan Posted by Hello

(which only took her five days to knit some how I think it would take me a little longer) was beautiful and I am very tempted.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bonus Poppy picture

Sorry couldn't resist putting this up this is what happens when you put your edgy project down in our house. Thankfully didn't decide to chew this one unlike the ball of Kid Silk Haze I found her wondering around the house with the other day.

what a model Posted by Hello

Final tension square

Ok so I think I can finally go ahead with the agarve in the calmer I did two more swatches one in an acrylic aran (was never planning to knit in acrylic I hasten to add it was just at hand) and the other in Rowans calmer that usually for my tension knits up to an aran weight.

two tension squares Posted by Hello
Well they are not far off, I think I may need to go back to the studio this morning to check some of my math but I think I can knit it in the calmer without too much alteration. I know its a little softer than the original pattern is knitted in but I think it still shows the pattern clearly enough.

I still promise will not cast on before I finish edgy :)

Final swatch Posted by Hello
I had a thought yesterday I suddenly realised that I hadn't had my order from Sandra Singh one of the american companies that take Paypal, it had been 15 days since I placed the order so knowing what our postal system locally can be like I thought I would just check. Well apparently something in their system because one of my items weren't in stock they were holding the parcel now this would have been fine but i hadn't been informed. Well I got a very nice e-mail from the owner this morning apologising and explaining the problem to me upgrading my order and refunding me for the item that was out of stock. So hopefully a parcel will arrive in the next few days.