Monday, April 04, 2005

Conquering Olympus

Well we had a wonderful time at Olympia with Silkwood and have been asked to come back next year so we must have done a reasonable job. Many thanks go to Jill, Yvonne and Sue who came and helped us with the Knit and Relax.
We have also taken the next step to signing up for Ali Pali in October so fingers crossed, it will make it easier going with Tess and Les as I then don't have to worry about furniture removal and there are more of us to guard the stand and I can still go and play on the Knit and Relax stand.
My spending at Olympia was very restrained in fact the only Knitting item I brought was some lovely angora fleece from Tess to practice my spinning on. To be honest there wasn't to much else there, Magknits were there and Black sheep but nothing to much to tempt me but maybe I was just to tired as although the shops are fun its exhausting and am now suffering from a loss of voice after four days of none stop talking.
I also talked to people from the new Knitting magazine who are interested maybe in some of my patterns and maybe doing an offer including my kits, we will see.

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Jill said...

Well done, having a go at A.Pally. You have to try these things, and you won't be alone, and you have lots of support from the Rowanettes! Plenty of time to get your kits ready - and perhaps diversify? Hope the magazine people come back to you.