Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Studio Spring Clean

Ok so the flu is slowly subsiding, I have finally given in calling it a cold, and now my back hurts, I thought that my days of suffering school holiday syndrome were over (all of you who work with kids will know what I mean) but apparently not. So the tidying of the studio has been on a bit of a go slow as picking anything off the floor was a bit of a challenge so Little Jacqui came over this afternoon and she is like a whizz and with in a couple of hours we had cleaned the rest of the studio and hoovered everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Jans Felted Basket Posted by Picasa

I also managed to get to put my pressie from Jan to use, isn't it just the thing to put your balls of wool in, its absolutely fantastic.

Plus the good news is that the cats have finally been done and are just waiting to have their stitches removed and then they will be let out to expolre and just because I haven't posted a picture recently this is Michelle.

Michelle on the Prowl Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005


So although still suffering from this lurgy yesterday I decided to carry on with plan for a flight on the London Eye and I am so glad I did the weather was beautiful.
St Pauls Posted by Picasa

Horse Guards Parade Posted by Picasa

Look at the view it was a wonderful day, we were going to follow this up with either the Sattchi gallery or possibly the aquarium but decided to make the most of the weather and decided upon a walk along the South Bank.

another view Posted by Picasa

We stopped off at The NFT for a quick glass of wine and then carryed on wandering down to the Tate and had lunch in a pub over looking the river.

On the way home Posted by Picasa

Then we wandered back watching the sun set as we went. Admittedly by that point I think the cough medicine was wearing off and the last bit of the walk was a bit of a struggle as as ever the cold had sunk down to my chest.

I did manage to get into the studio today meeting Jacqueline for a coffee and gossip plus a bit of knitting talk before I started the mammoth cleaning job to find the studio as it had all got a little out of hand before the show, well the good news is that I managed to successfully clear the smaller end before coming home tonight which leaves me the wool end for tomorrow.

I have to say still feel very uninspired to do any knitting at all I'm hoping its just the cold.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I actually managed to doenload some images, I don't know what was up with the computer last night more likely it was my cold clouding my judgement.
So here are a couple of photos to start with.

books Posted by Picasa

This is of two of the books I got at ally Pally obviousley I picked up the bargin Vogue who could resist for £2 I wish I had, there is nothing in it at all that I got excited about which is unusual for me usually I at least find an article or something. The other book is a book on Friendly Plastic that I got from the Crafty Notions stand, we use this stuff at youth club quite a bit so I'm always looking for new ideas, I was also seduced by several other items on the stand as always but pictures of those another time.

sock yarn Posted by Picasa

This is the picture of the wonderful sock yarn that I won on the Hurricane Katrina Donation Drive plus my bonus butterfly which is now living happily on my mobile. Go check out the site as the auction items are always changing.

Ok I'll post a little more later

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well I was all ready to post some pictures of my recent purchases and of course the computer won't let me down load any of my pictures so I'm afraid this is a photo less entry.

I still have this cold/flu which yesterday was so bad I managed about an hour in the studio before deciding to go home and get back into bed. The twelve hours sleep I managed seems to have helped a little and I even managed to get to the hairdressers, I have been in desperate need for at least three weeks now as the grey slowly was taking over so am now back to my red hair (sun glasses all round I feel) and the wonderful head massage I got seems to have helped my bunged up head as well. If anyone is looking for a hairdresser I highly recommend Toni from the colour centre in Hammersmith she is the only one I will let cut my hair these days heaven forbid she decides to move back to Australia.

Thats about all I managed today, managed to miss meeting up with a number of friends to a tempermental phone that only seems to be sending messages in blocks of five meaning some didn't arrive till 12 hours later!!!!

Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 2005


So finally life is returning to normal a little. Besides a now very bad head cold (fingers crossed not flu).

Where to start I guess with the best news 'Skip North' has gone live, go and check it out it is going to be a fun weekend. Any questions feel free to ask.

Next up I guess is Ally Pally this is a photo of the chaos in the studio beforehand,

the chaos Posted by Picasa

well I can say I survived it even feeling lousey for most of it, and all I can say is thank God for friends especially after the disaster of Thursday morning where I managed to get to the stand one minute before it all opened and poor Tess and Les arrived an hour later all down to really bad traffic but Lixie and Yvonne jumped right in and saved the day as well as Spellbound who lent them a float and pen and paper for any sales all I can say is thank you.

I met so many people in real life who have blogs I read I can't even begin to list them but it was so wonderful to meet so many fellow enthusiats. I also forgot my camera so I have to thank Dawn for this wonderful picture of the stand I also have to thank Polly for a much needed cup of tea, I could go on for ever it was nice to feel so supported by so many friends old and new.

Our Stand Posted by Picasa

I didn't buy much whilst there wasn't really inspired I think that was down to this cold but did get to a couple of classes all non knitting, more based on the design side one was a drawing clas which to be honest I probably could have taught but that was down to the wrong description being placed in the brochure but the guy was wonderful and I enjoyed the nice quiet time away from the stand. Another class was a mixed media textiles taster which again used most techniques that I have used before but again I enjoyed the time to create something that wasn't knitting. And finally I saw a lecture from Jan Beany on keeping Sketchbooks which gave me a wonderful chance to actually see her original sketches which I love.

The other good news was that Gill had finished knitting up my latest knitting Pattern for the latest kit and it seems to have turned out really well.

And finally another picture from my visit to Poole while I was at the quay this wonderful Tall SHip pulled in to moor.

a beautiful site Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 09, 2005


First of all my apologies, I know that I haven't posted for what seems forever and for those who have been sending messages my thanks.
My emotions kind of went into overload ping ponging all over the place for a couple of reasons that may become clear over the next few weeks, but at the moment it has settled back down for a bit, the other reason being that I have been manically winding skeins for kits all ready for Ally Pally next weekend, my thanks goes especially to those who have bravely stepped in to help me with this massive job you know who you are, I will be eternally grateful.

I did manage to have a wonderful day out in Poole with beautiful weather, it was so nice to breathe in the sea air to blow away the cobwebs.

Poole Quay Posted by Picasa

We also took part in the stitch and craft show at Sandown park where Yvonne, Dawn, Jill, Gill and Hazel joined in the fun