Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Well here it is another year at an end and what to say, I think I have probably said enough you have listened to me whinge for over a year now so I think I should just wish you a Happy New Year.
You may have noticed a change in look of the blog but I am still havong problems as you can see. Especially at the moment that every time I add something to the side bar it sends the entire side bar to the bottem of the page so any body with any suggestions? I am still not happy with the look I like the more gentle feel but not sure about the sea theme. Oh and all my blog linkks have vanished for a bit, please be patient they will return.
Knitting wise, the shawl is now back on track even though I had to rip out a firther five rows but have just completed the last row on the sand dollars and am working up for the waves.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Post Christmas

Just a quick update, unfortunately it looks like my new year is not going to get off to a good start as I seemen to have go an ear infection, I can only guess as I can't get an appointment to see a doctor of course. So I am not doing a lot, well can't do a lot the pain means I can't concentrate also means sleep is quite hard, its fine when I am asleep its just getting to that point it was 5am until I got to sleep this morning!!!!
So not a lot of progress on the lace but I did manage to finish the fir trees and did start the sand dollars but was a mistake as I couldn't concentrate so had to rip them out.

update Posted by Picasa

Snow wise we had about five minutes and it had melted before I could even take a picture, but it did produce this wonderful sunset the night before, the clouds looked like they were off a film set.

sunset Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

SPT Posted by Picasa

I love the way this picture looks like an old drawing or that I have put it through Photoshop, but it is actually the reflection in the cupboard next to my computer. I have to admit I like the challenge of taking a complete photo, no cropping no editing, I am not saying that I don't like images produced in that way but I personally enjoy the challenge of taking the photo with out thinking oh yes I will crop that later.

Monday, December 26, 2005

A proper post

Firstly I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and you are all managing to have a wonderful Boxing Day.
I had to show you these, this is one of the presents that my brother brought me.

pressie Posted by Picasa

Now they don't look much but the best bit I can't show you is that dependent on the way they are stacked depends upon what song they sing, they are very funny, and it gets better each one has a secret. They all have babies.

babies Posted by Picasa

Apparently there are many more to collect, and am trying very hard not to get drawn in they are hysterical though.
So onto knitting news, as I said I've been doing a little, to start with this is my progress on my dreamweaver sock.

progress Posted by Picasa

Not bad bit have now remembered why I prefer short row heels, but with the inclusion of a couple of extra sticthes picked up there are no holes.
The next is a bit of Crochet, I brought one of Prudence Mapstones PDF files for alternative fringes and did some experimenting, still not happy with the scale.

crochet Posted by Picasa

And finally as one of the things I ordered from Get Knitted before Christmas I decided to make my Christmas Knitting this its the Pacific Northwest Shawl, now I have tried lace knitting a few times and have got fed up with usually by the third repeat but so far I am not doing to bad.

really bad picture Posted by Picasa

Not that you can see from this awful photo I have finished the sea gulls and have got as far as the widest point on the fir tree, which isn't bad considering I started it on the 23rd. The yarn I am using is some Blue Heron mercurised cotton so I can actually wear it and it is easy to work backwards to unlike something more fluffy. SO I am off to continue and see if I can finish the fir trees today, I may need some help though on the I-Cord top and the the pointy edging but I'll worry about that when I get there.

Christmas Greetings

Thank you for everyones good wishes and thoughts, I am surviving the christmas period quite well, lot of knitting is helping but pictures of that tomorrow, this is just a quick entry to show you this fantastic gift from Jac, now those of you who know me or e=read regularly will know that she hasn't been knitting long. Well look what she made me.

beautiful box Posted by Picasa

No patterns nothing she just made it, the flower is even detachable so can be used a a brooch. I was so overwhelmed it was amazing... It is going to keep all my memories in, its perfect.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Glitter girl

So I have I think finally finished my christmas cards and even managed to get a couple of vital ones in the post before the last collection so fingers crossed.

I don't know why but couldn't face them until after the eighteenth and then decided to make my own (I know mad) but think I am there although I am now covered head to toe in pee wee glitter, I am going to be finding it for days I feel.

Here are the promised pictures of knitting, firstly here is the start of the sock

sock Posted by Picasa

Pretty colours aren't they, and then here is the close up of the hat, I still may frog it not sure yet experimenting as I go.

close up Posted by Picasa

Self Portrait Tuesday

This phot besides a little dark is a bit of a cheek as I took it back in the autumn, and the other cheat is the fact that it wasn't taken in my studio but one of the others but I think it does illustrate what I feel about my Studio at the moment I feel very cluttered and closed in which is all my fault don't get me wrong but am feeling very overwhelmed by it.

Self Posted by Picasa

Its odd as most of the other studios try and pack as much into a small space which I understand and is what I should be doing but I just can't work that way I need space, this and my lack of organised skills (I always work better in a mess but there is a limit) means I don't feel like I gave the movement I need around my own studio so I see a studio reworking in my near future.

Christmas Dec Count

13 Candle arches
3 Stars
9 Fairy light wrapped bush
2 Mini Christmas Tree
6 Big Christmas Trees
37 Christmas Wreath
13 Set of Fairy lights
1 Illumonated Santa
1 Inflatable Santa

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sleeping Angels

So I survived the weekend just about intact.

I arrived on the Friday evening with what I thought was five minutes to spare but when I got there most of the kids had already been dropped off, I am not sure whether it was enthusiasm by the kids or the parents who knows. So I settled the girls down in our room upstairs all nine of them, being upstairs meant that me and Carol were spoiled by the fact we got to sleep on the couches (this was a good job as I think with my back at the moment not sure that I could crawl off my airbed). Then we all got in the mini bus, not as easy as it sounds with kids, and headed out to the cinema. Now I was a little concerned that The Chronicles of Narnia may have been a little bit long for the kids but they were transfixed by it even our youngest whose Mum had warned us as we were going to the late showing (8:30pm till 11:10pm) that he was likely to be asleep about half way through but he was still going strong by the end and enjoyed every minute of it. I only had to do two toilet runs with the kids so only missed about ten minutes in all but I would recommend it anyone who has seen it what do you think about Mr Timnus' scarf I think its angora.
So we headed back to the hall and got there around quarter to midnight, now this is the point where I wish I could be in charge of the boys oh they are so much easier the girls were a nightmare. We finally got the last one onto bed and asleep at 1:30am this also included me losing half of my double sleeping bag to one child that seemed to have been sent with a fleece sleeping bag liner alone, I wouldn't mind this but we did mention in the letter if anyone needed to borrow one to let us know as both me and Carol have spares. So I fiinally crawled into bed at hald=f one after knitting an inch of my latest hat in the dark watching the kids and just got settled when we I neded up making the first loo run, this was the problem of being upstairs as the girls were frightened to go down by themselves so up I get wlk down the stairs, this carries on till around half three where finally all is silent, by this point I have found out that actually the couch isn't that comfortable and my back is beginning to hurt. I finally drift off only to find I need to use the loo myself at 5:10am and then drift in and out of sleep till the alarm goes off at 7:00am I reckon all in all I got at most two and a half hours sleep and you can see now why I decided on an early night on Thursday.

I was very good the next day as I only lost my temper once and that was when a couple of the girls went and did something I had told them two minutes before that they could not do, they seem to enjoy the rock climbing and came back and eat a full cooked dinner and then the nightmare began. Yes it was time to change and prepare for the play, actually in the end this was the worst bit, the play itself went really well and I was really proud of the kids afterwards when we had tea and cake with all the ladies who had been brought from the local sheltered housing. They made sure that they all had a cup of tea and made some lovely conversation, that really made my day. The parents of course were late to pick them up not a good combination with very tired leaders and kids but I think they all had a good time and are all talking about the next one.....

So when I crawled home on Saturday night I must admit I crawled straight into be as I was totally exhausted. After many years of doing this I seem to have got the knack of keep going until I get in my own house and then it is usually a shower and no matter whatever ideas I may have it usually ends up with me falling straight into bed. I do try and wait until 9pm before collapsing otherwise my body clock gets completely confused and have to admit I am still suffering a little and I think it will take a few more days for my body to completely catch up.

SO now onto Sunday, this was the first anniversary of Robin's death and was always going to be an interesting day, I went through various ideas about what I should do but what I ended up deciding upon was time to myself spinning and knitting shared with a very good bottle of red wine to spend with my memories. I would be lying if I were to say that I didn't shed a few tears but it was ok, now I just have to get through to the 23rd which will be the anniversary of the funeral.

Knitting wise, I have cast on another sock, I know I should finish one of the other projects but I have a good excuse as Little Jacqui is learning to knit socks and we are using the standard one that Web of Wool send out with their orders as it seems to be simply written, I decided to knit along at the amse time as it has been a very long time since I have knitted a cuff down sock, it also gave me an excuse to try out the new Opal I brought. I have also cast on a hat using a ball of Polar and a ball of my Crushed Fairy Wings, oictures of both of these coming soon.

Oh well almost completed half my Christmas cards today, just in time to put them in the post tomorrow, so a quick trip into Hammersmith in the morning to pick up a few bits and pieces and then back to the studio to finish the job.

Christmas Dec Count

Obviousley people have been busy this weekend, and I wish I sold Christmas Wreathes :)
11 Candle arches
3 Stars
9 Fairy light wrapped bush
1 Mini Christmas Tree
6 Big Christmas Trees
34 Christmas Wreath
13 Set of Fairy lights
1 Illumonated Santa
1 Inflatable Santa

Friday, December 16, 2005

Angels Complete

Oh what a wonderful week so far, I have to admit to not thinking this would be the case this week as the anniversary of Robins death approaches but is going far better than I expected. I am not saying that I don't have my down times but thats ok.

I went to the new knitting group in Putney on Wednesday morning which as ever was nice and relaxing and got to see some wonderful projects on the needles and discuss the merits of yarn and yarn companies which is always fun. Unfortunately didn't manage to get to Liberty this week as I decided an early night was in order with the upcoming sleep over with the youth club which usually means very little sleep!!! But to make up fpr that we are all booked into see the Chronicles of Narnia tonight all nineteen of us.

I also got some wonderful parcels yesterday, my first one was my order from Get Knitted (I know that I was supposed to be being good, its not working) well I went onto the site for some dpns and this is what arrived.

first parcel Posted by Picasa

Firstly my Interweave knits always a good read, a fibre trends pattern (a possible christmas project) and a ball of sock yarn (yes I know I am never going to knit all the yarn I have bit I loved this new colourway of Opal).

dream catcher Posted by Picasa

And now I have a confession, another parcel arrived at the studio, this contained something a little larger.

my pride and joy Posted by Picasa

Ok so it didn't arrive quite like that in fact it arrived flat packed but with the help of Jac and a couple of hours it was all up and running, I know I am supposed to be buying things for other people at this time of year and feel a little guilty but it does mean I can produce more of my own homespun whilst waiting for deliveries. I am so in love with this wheel and Haldanes provided great service it arrived within 48hrs of me ordering it.

first bit Posted by Picasa

This is my first bit of yarn off it, its a practice piece for my next yarn called crushed fair wings, I am now torn between going to work with the kids and spinning but will be good, but we all know what I am doing Sunday.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another Day another dollar

Yet another frosty day here in London, with an exceptionally bitter wind. Its difficult to tell because of the oil smoke coming from the oil fire drifting this was but it looked liked snow clouds yesterday so I don't think we are far off a sprinkling of white stuff.
Well yesterday I got my final orders in the post, I owe a big thanks to my stockists for being so patient with me and my back and hopefully now things seem to be returning to normal.
I wish I could say the same thing about my suppliers, I'm either getting excuses for things not arriving or getting the wrong order.
Did manage to get a delivery from Texere unfortunately not the one I needed

box Posted by Picasa

There are some beautiful colours for kits on the cones but the undyed yarn is the wrong weight!!! Nevermind deep breathe I should be used to it by now.
This is the pic I promised of the new hat, I am far more pleased about this than the previous one that you can see in the background as I have now solved the pattern problem but am now converting it to a smaller size and have started a third, guess what my family is getting for christmas.

Hat Posted by Picasa

I keep forgetting to mention that Yvonnes blog has a far better picture of Sue's work room than I managed.
Also I am considering changing the look of this blog by changing the template so if it all goes a bit squew wiff please be patient.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Dec Count

I know its been a while but actually haven't walked down that route for a while, which is very unusual but they have been busy in my absence

10 Candle arches
4 Stars
6 Fairy light wrapped bush
3 Mini Christmas Tree
2 Big Christmas Trees
20 Christmas Wreath
8 Set of Fairy lights
1 Illumonated Santa
1 Inflatable Santa

Angel WIngs

Ok so thanks to some help from Jac we managed to get the three angel costumes ready for last nights dress rehersal. Well all I can say is that at least one of my angels has shrunk as my carefully pinned costume from last week is now an inch to long, one of my kings costume is about a foot to long and didn't mention it last week, so I took three costumes and came home with four!!!!

The rehersals themselves weren't as bad as I was dreading, although the rendition of 'Away in a Manger' was a little excrutiating but we managed to get through it twice and I didn't kill anyone so this has to be good right. Unfortunately the evening was ended with a bit of a problem we are losing two members of staff, as there are only four of us this is going to be a bit of a problem, we do have till Easter to find one of the replacements but the other is not sure as he has been called for his interview to train as a fireman so we will see. He will make a great fireman though although we will miss him.

Knitting wise not a lot done due to angel costumes but a bit further with baby cardie, but another hat finished hopefully will get a picture today in daylight.

Self Portrait Tuesday

So its Tuesday again and another portrait.

spot me Posted by Picasa

Well this one isn't as technically profficent as the last one but says a little more about me. This si a reflection in the roof of the bus station which I wanted to take last week but apparently they don't like pictures being taken there so this had to be taken very quickly on the sly before the security guards noticed.
It says more about me in two ways, firstly I seem to spend half of my life in this building coming and going at least once a day, secondly I like the fact that it looks like I'm being looked down on and sometimes it feels like that.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Great Day

After a bit of a journey to Norwood, travel planner reckoned it would take an hour and a half in fact took closer to three, I arrrived at Sue's yesterday, we had the postponed birthday come work room opening and it was wonderful. Obviousley I didn't take any pictures of the most important thing the wonderful work room, we were all in awe and all wanted one, it was so well organised and full of wonderful boxes of amazing suprises,
Jan opened one and out came this wonderful Tiara

opening a wonderful box Posted by Picasa

that wasn't the only one, they were all delicate and beautifully beaded
And then Sue brought out her exquisite cloak

sue in the wonderful cloak Posted by Picasa

Its not the best picture of it but look at this close up to see the work that is in it,

close up Posted by Picasa

And then beth and Sue went up to the loft to get the matching collar, which was amazing, here it is sitting in Jan's knee

collar Posted by Picasa

and here's the close up

close up of collar Posted by Picasa

She is so talented. And out came another box and in this one we found these wonderful bowls

another box opened Posted by Picasa

We of course did some knitting and I almost finished my hat and would of if I had remembered my dpns. We also had some finger knitting going on, and we Jacinta admitted to not actually ever having done any she was soon off and running with Yvonne's help and we also got our non knitter (Danielle I think never been much good with names) finger knitting

a new convert Posted by Picasa

She actually managed to finish a wonderful scarf by the end of the evening.

The journey home was made a little more fun with the company of Adrienne, Joanna and Shea (apologies for the spellings I know I have got it wrong) and a lot of Crystal Palace fans who were all wonderful and seemingly very family orientated, we had a few questions asked about the knitting on the journey to. We divided at Victoria and I headed for the distrist Line which of course was full of Chelsea fans (not so family orientated) but took me about two and a half hours in the end but a little less stressful.
So today the challenge of the angel costumes, I will feel positive about this play I will ( well if I keep telling myself this maybe it will sink in six days to go).