Monday, November 28, 2005

A Lost Weekend

Ok its not as exciting as it sounds,just had a bit of a rough weekend and decided to rest my back completely so didn't actually leave the house at all in fact spent most of the time was spent being propped up in bed watching junk TV and knitting. This meant that I got the back and an arm done on the baby jumper and started on a couple of christmas gifts, also did a little hunting in E-Bay. Did find a Louet spinning wheel but is in Belgium so am watching the price it has another four days to run.

Oh hint to myself for future reference 'Tuesdays with Morrie' is not the film to watch if you feeling a little down.

I finally got back into the studio this morning and got cracking with more kits for orders, this was foolowed by what was supposed to be an early start at youth club to tackle the script for the nativity play (ok no laughing I know my skills don't lie in the writing field but we don't have a huge pool of talent to call on) well started out alright unfortunately on the second of the three buses we had a small accident, I have to say that it was not the bus drivers fault, this school kid just walked out into the road, the bus driver himself said that he thought he was going to kill him, he didn't think he was going to stop in time, he obviousley automatically slammed on the brakes, being a packed bus it was a nightmare everyone was shot forward and unfortunately one poor girl ended up being thrown against one of the metal poles and bashed her head and arm. I have to say that the bus driver was quickly into action, and a retired nurse stepped into action and made sure that she didn't move, I am a first aider but I could see from where I was that she was in capable hands so I just sat in my seat as she obviousley didn't want to be crowded, this is when I watched a people were so desperate to catch another bus were stepping over this poor girl and wouldn't wait for the driver to open the rear doors, honestly could anything be that important that you are trampling an accident victim, I was so disgusted. So I decided to stay put to make sure no one tried to move her until the ambulance arrived and to keep her talking, she did seem to be fine and the ambulance guys were soon there and I left them to it.

This meant of course we were nowhere near a bus stop and the next bus stop was over flowing so I just carried on walking for a couple of stops. Finally got to the hall and we got a little of the script done but not all and by the time the kids arrived we managed a costume fitting and all I can say is that the angels have been miscast roll on three weeks time. And yes we have to sing Away in a Manger.

Just a couple of pics first of this wonderful camera case that Jac hand sewed for me,

camera case Posted by Picasa

Isn't it funky.
And this is a shot of our sunsets recently from the studio they have been spectacular.

sunset Posted by Picasa

Oh one last thing check out Little Lixies site to prove that knitters are taking over the world.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Where to start

Oh what a day I had yesterday, I was on the steps of Liberty before they even opened yesterday, I was so excited, ok for those who don't know me should know that I have a knitting hero and he was coming to town, yes it was the infamous Kaffe Fassett, I know to some of you that may sound a little corny, but his use of colour for me is so exciting and to actually finally meet him in person.....
I was a little concerned that he wouldn't live up to my expectations but no he stood and enthused for an hour about colour and design and brought the most wonderful samples with him, some knitted and some of his quilts, in fact I was so in awe I forgot to take a single photo, I know how pathetic. He did let us know that he is working on a new knitwear book for next year and that he is having a big exhibition in Belgium in February (I feel a road trip coming on).
I was so inspired by him I felt that need to knit something in his style all over again so I went and brought a few balls of yarn to have a play with.

Kaffe inspired Posted by Picasa

Now we'll see if I actually get round to knitting it :) Whilst I was in the wool department I brought a few balls of wool for some hats for christmas pressies

gifts Posted by Picasa

Whilst I was in the department I notced the new stock and had to buy a couple of balls for a little play

new yarn Posted by Picasa

These all knit up into stripes but they also had some really beautiful textured yarns as well but was very good and restrained myself well at least until next tuesday with 20% off all day.
I've also decided to knit a few washclothes to put into christmas stockings. Unfortunately with all the time I had between the talk and the evenings knitting group at Liberty I went on a little trip to John Lewis and brought this yarn and pattern for a freinds sister who is convinced she is having a little girl, personally I am not so convinced as she is carrying it like its a boy so note the neutral colour.

baby project Posted by Picasa

I know that it is very plain for me but that is upon request as it was felt that it would never be used if was in my 'normal style'.

I managed to finish the left fronet last night on the bus home and have started work on the back while trying to take it easy today as my back is paying me back for all the excitement yesterday and the 20% off all books in borders yesterday, it did mean I got a little more shopping done though.

look our`ad Posted by Picasa

And just because a couple of people from Liberty last night reminded me how bad a buisness partner I had been here is the link for Skip North, places are going steadily but looks like its going to be fun

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Sorry no pictures this entry I'm afraid, not a lot going on. My back is still pretty sore but just getting used to it now just everything takes a little longer than normal.
Its been freezing in the studio the last few days and have a couple of electrical problems limiting what I can plug in but hopefully I am well on the wayto fixing that small issue.
A few more kits were completed though and I now have two orders waiting to be despatched.
Hopefully a more exciting entry next time.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Knitting Group

I am glad to report that knitting is alive and well in Putney, I went and took part in the first meeting of a knitting club in The Natural Cafe in Putney high Street and met some wonderful knitters. And yes I did take some photos but my camera seems to be unwilling to give them up at the moment. Michelle set this up and we have already agreed to meet up again in two weeks time.

My back lasted really well in fact so well I decided to do some christmas shopping on the way home, unfortunately that may have tested it just that one step to far and really suffered last night and today so unfortunately couldn't face the journey to Liberty tonight as the thought of standing for long periods was enough to put me off

What I did manage to do was do the first couple of pages for my book on Robin and managed to talk to his son and have set up a time for me to go up and have dinner with the family. I'm having a lot of flashbacks at the moment (not all good ones I have to say) I guess considering what was happening this time last year I shouldn't be suprised but they are quite vivid and maybe a little to real sometimes. I guess its all part of the process.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Beautiful Yarn

Not a lot of knitting done today a couple of kits completed, and an interesting games evening at youth club but by far the best bit if the day was my delivery from Curious Yarns. I was introduced to this site by Yvonne well in fact Yvonees' secret pal when she recieved a beautiful hank of silk. Unfortunately I can only show you a picture of one of the hanks because the other two are presents so maybe when they have been delivered to their recipients I'll post a picture but for now this is what I treated myself to
I know its more sock yarn Posted by Picasa

Its the most wonderful sock yarn, what I should have taken a picture of is the wonderful label which has all the information you would ever want on it from the standard tension and wash instructions to when it was dyed and the colours are wonderful. I also have to say the service was exceptional I ordered it very late friday night and I got an e-mail on Saturday to let me know that the yarn had been posted and low and behold it was on my door mat when I got to the studio this morning it was fantastic plus I got a few sweeties thrown in as a bonus :)

Unfortunately christmas is upon us and after many years of avoiding being involved in putting on a nativity show it has been decided that our youth club as part of their sleep over will put one on for the local lunch club, now don't get me wrong I'm not a scrooge but for those of you out there who have been involved in these things will now how stressful these can be. We already had three sulks this evening over who was playing Mary and that is before we get to the costumes. Now my idea was white t-shirts with the role in big black type on printed on them, nice simple and contemporary unfortunately I was out voted as it was felt that the little old ladies (their description not mine) wouldn't understand, felt that was a bit condesending myself but who am I to say but its back to drying up clothes on heads I guess and we won't even talk about wings for the angels!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Finally a picture

Ok have finally got my act together and here are the pictures of the one finished modular sock

One side Posted by Picasa

and then the other Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005

Ice Cream Galore

Another quick post as back still dodgy. seem to be alright as long as I don't stay in the same position for to long ie went out for dinner with Jac this evening and couldn't get up without a whole lot of pain. Thankfully didn't ruin the wondeful homemade chicken Pie.
So here are the first photos of mine and Yvonne's indulgences yesterday at Harrods.
Yvonne's Choclate Sundae Posted by Picasa

My Peach Melba Posted by Picasa

I know its the second week in a row for me which is whay I didn't manage to finish my Peach Melba no matter how yummy it was. This was followed with a nice restful evening at Liberty even if the journey home wasn't so much fun.

The day started off well to as my order from Collinette arrived mostly for a kit in a specific colourway but a couple of hanks of Isis for a new loopy scarf as my old one is looking a little thread bare.
pile of yummy things Posted by Picasa

I have to say I must of hit the wrong button on the order as that yellow really isn't me.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Odd Sock

Ok so managed to put the missing photos in from last nights post, small technical issue all sorted now:)

Unfortunately had a bad night with my back, message to oneself remember that even if your back feels better don't get to carried away to soon!!! So I have just spent a very quiet day at home, a couple of loads of washing but lots of resting so got a chance to get on with the odd sock, in fact I actually managed to finish it this afternoon. This is the sock just before the rib starts,

Just before the rib starts Posted by Picasa

I'll try and post a phot of the completed sock tomorrow as the one I took today was awful. I obviousley had help with the sock,

Michelle guarding the sock Posted by Picasa

This is Michelle guarding the bottem of the sock while I was trying to finish the rib.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cats and Camera

Sorry another short entry still not good at sitting in a proper chair for long periods. Firstly heres a more recent pic of the sock.

growing sock Posted by Picasa

I think I'm not going to make it much longer in the leg as I use trainer socks and then I just have to make the other one!!!
Ok so me and Jac went back to Jessops yesterday and got her camera and we managed to get a discount and yes I couldn't resist so I am now trying to work out what all the buttons do but I think I still prefer my other camera for everday use and this little one for when I'm travelling so my hand bags not so heavy. So obviousley I have had to practice a little so here are a couple of pics of the cats.

Michelle Posted by Picasa

Poppy Posted by Picasa

And here is little Jac getting the hang of beading, not the best light but the results very impressive. I hasten to add that she had just done two hours essay work so deserved a little break.

Jac hard at work Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just for a change KNITTING !!!

Ok here is some knitting news for a change. Firstly my buys from Liberty.

my buys Posted by Picasa

These are the selection of wools I picked up, there are two Kid Silk Hazes, two balls of the same colour calmer and I can't remember what else. I also purchased the new Debbie Abrahams Blanket book which I had meant to pick up at Ally Pally and didn't get around to it. I have to say I will never ever complete one of those blankets but I do fantasise about Lithograph from Book one but at the end of the day I'm a realist and know my attention span isn't that long so maybe a cushion.

Well I added these new yarns to some I had already hoarded from a few other sources

All the choices Posted by Picasa

Name those yarns lol
For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to reinspire myself knit wise so after seeing a lovely jumper Jacqueline had made I decided to try and start a quick knit sloppy unshaped jumper for myself.
So I reduced the number of yarns to these.

final selection Posted by Picasa

And here is the result so far of the front, I know that stripes aren't great for my shape but didn't want to do anything fussy and want to keep it really simple.

jumper started Posted by Picasa

Oh and just a quick update on the sock.

and the sock grows on Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005

Photo Free

Sorry just a quick entry today with no pics as back is a little sore and sitting in the same position for any length of time is uncomfortable.

All I wanted to say was what a wonderful time I had yesterday, I started off late morning (takes me a while to loosen up in the morning) with my friend little Jacqui to go camera shopping, well we ended up in the Jessops in Olympia with a very helpful salesman called Charles (I have to say if you need to buy a camera I can highly recommend him as he is very honest and was very patient with all our stupid questions) well we spent at least an hour in there and I think we decided on the new Olympus DDigital great LCD screen and easy to use but decided to be sensible and walk away for a coffee rather than impulse buy (Jacqui is very sensible that way :).

The plan was to then head up to borders to gain reference books for her upcoming dissertation (anyone any suggestions on the use of digital cameras in teaching Key Satge 1 Science all very welcome) but I kind of made us make a small diversion, I decided that we needed a treat so especially as Jacqui has never been before we went to the ice cream bar in Harrods and indulged in a coupe of Banana Royales I will confess neither of us finished them as they were huge but a rare treat.

After a quick visit to the luxury bathrooms (well they have to be better than the ones in Borders) and another quick stop in at Office to try some trainers on we headed into town to Oxford street and submeged ourselves on education books with a strong cup of tea to keep our eyes open (the texts were a little dry) after doing a bit of sneaky note taking Jacqui left me to return back to SW LOndon for a brownie meeting followed by aqua aerobics (I don't know where she gets the energy) and I went on to Liberty to catch up as I haven't been in a while.

It was lovely to see everyone, I did end up going upstairs and a few purcahses (more of which tomorrow) and I just about got to the end of the evening if a little sore.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Falling to Pieces II

Back just about holding out enough to post more pics

heel Posted by Picasa

This is the heel in the modular sock as promised, I know it looks odd but determined to finish, second sock may look a little different.

SP5 parcel Posted by Picasa

This is the wonderful parcel I got from my SP5 pal who turns out to Glampyre whose blog I've been reading for a while. I'm sorry the pic doesn't do justice to the beautiful colours in the sock yarn as I thought I should take a pic before the gummy bears disappeared. She has been a fantastic pal and has sent me some beautiful things.

latest edition to studio Posted by Picasa

And finally this is my latest edition to the studio my VW money box which was brought for me by a friend, doesn't it match the yarn well.

Just a quick last note for those of you who have visited me at the studio Kim from studio 1 has just set up a website and blog showing her beautiful work so go check it out.