Thursday, August 25, 2005


Firstly an apology to anyone who has been trying to get in contact today, I'm afraid I turned my phone off for the day as I needed a day for myself.
Today would have been mine and Robins anniversary of when we first met so needed some time just to be. I thought I might spend the day in Hatfield but found out that Robins'son was working away from home this week so have put off the trip until next month so instead I decided to tackle a suitcase that has been haunting me since my return from Hatfield. It contains mostly things I brought in the states which I haven't looked since my return from Hatfield. There was a whole bunch of Christmas Decorations for our first proper Christmas together, he hadn't had a tree in many years hence no decorations so we had to start again, there was also the half finished felt stocking I was making for him and finally the newspapers with the announcement of his death. Now I'm not saying that it wasn't upsetting but something I needed to do and I'm also not saying that they didn't all go straight back in the suitcase but give me time. It also answered something else for me, it was osmething a friend said to me about something she had arranged, she described it as a good distraction. I'm not sure I want to be distracted and I definitely don't want to pretend it didn't happen, to be truthful I'm not quite sure what I want but I think after today I git a step closer.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Time to Pack

After the fun and games of yesterday it is time to pack up and return home. As normal I will probably leave something vital behind but we are both back at the Hampton Court Green Country Affair next weekend so anything can be exchanged. I have just checked out the website for this event and I have to say the music looks like it could be fun with both an Abba and a Led Zepplin tribute band playing Saturday night and also some interesting Jazz musicians spread over the weekend.
I did get some work done yesterday, I completed a dye lot some of which is heading overseas to my Secret Pal so will post photo after she has recieved.
I also started to spin another funky hank of yarn.

mangled parrot anyone!!! Posted by Picasa

This is a good thing as apparently both of the hanks I sent with Les and Tess have been sold and people want more!!!
Skip North almost there look out for website details.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


I am no longer the great unwashed, Andy a friend of Les and Tess got his brother to drive him over and fixed my problem so there is no excuse not to do the washing up now :)

Skip North and more .......

Just a quick entry as having a few problems, mostly a hot water tapp that won't turn off, don't ask but I think I now have it in hand but means I have a limited water supply fot today thankfully Les and Tess back tomorrow.

Just a litle more about mine and Little Lixie's venture 'Skip North' if you check out her blog she gives you the basic details but hopefully some of you will be able to join us, it is open to anyone, probably an interest in knitting will help:) There will be a website up and running soon with an accompanying blog so we can all join in the fun of the lead up to what I hope will be a fantastic weekend. So block off the last weekend in February now and start saving for those trips out that are planned to enable your stash.

One more thing thanks to all of you who have said nice things about my spinning I am having good fun doing it and did intend until the tap incident to send out some responses to the comments but this has put me a little behind so in the mean time many thanks.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Isn't it funny

Isn't it funny how time seems to run away from you, I thought I had all this time to sit back and relax this weekend but now seem to be running out of time for some reason and am finding myself feeling guilty if I sit down and watch any TV. Never mind, I guess the one thing that is causing this is that my sleep is very interupted here as I worry about the foxes so I sleep very lightly here so any slight sound I wake up, not that I am complaining as that is why I'm here but I think thats what makes me slower at everything else, well thats my excuse any way.
I got my second ever e-mail today from one of the customers that purchased one of my kits from one of the shows saying how much he liked knitting it, which gave me a kind of buzz.
Also my spinning frenzy has continued let me introduce you to Wool Flower (working title) on the wheel.

An Ashford Country Spinning Wheel Posted by Picasa

Wound off into a hank,

One Hank Posted by Picasa

And a close up of one of the flowers. This yarn was greatly influenced by Ravens Daughter over on The spinning on the edge yaho group.

Finished close Up Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

And yet more

So all the bunnies are in bed and the cats are fed, so a little more time for me (how selfish). I managed to wind off that demented clown yarn off the wheel and also managed to complete a second hank of more normal yarn just to prove I can actually spin properly,

Two Hanks Posted by Picasa

well ok there is the odd bit of gold lurex spun into it but probably as normal as its going to get for me.

Close Up Posted by Picasa

I also prepped these flowers to spin into a hank tomorrow I'm thinking of a green base with green sticky out things if I can find some contessa that is the right colour.

Flowers Posted by Picasa

Here as promised pictures of the two colour teenage bunnies, they are a bit of a handful and definitely sulk if you don't take immediate attantion to them when you go outside. Thier brothers aren't like that at all.

terrible twins Posted by Picasa

And here is Gremal (not sure of spelling) refusing to give up my bed as it was his property and I was only a mere guest in the house.

Gremal Posted by Picasa

Final piece of good news for the day is that Tess has manged to sell one of my handspun hanks at Paraham. So I guess it gives me another excuse to do some more tomorrow.
Fingers crossed for a fox free night.


I think I have found the ultimate in luxury, well for me anyway.
The beautiful Louet Posted by Picasa

This is the result of a wonderful evening sat in fronet of 'House' on channel five and a Louet spinning wheel.

Close up of yarn Posted by Picasa

I'm about to wind it off onto the niddy noddy before setting the twist but it does look like very demented clown has been spun nto yarn.
Unfortunately not a great night, the foxes started howling at around 3am making me very nervous so have been awake pretty much since then so II feel an afternoon nap coming on. Also the weather has turned completely, at about 5:30 am the thunder storms started which made the bunnies a little jumpy so therefore me jumpy. I'll try and take some pictures of them later especially what used to be the baby bunnies who are no full grown teenagers as they are very cute. Of course the other problem with the rain being that there were a lot of wet cats around this morning.

More later I expect as have refound the joy of having the interne4t and am trying to catch up with my blog reading!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lots to tell you

Ok so I'm sitting here at Silkwood so I have a computer for the weekend plus the odd spinning wheel but more of that to come.
So much has happened since my last entry firstly Angela from Which Craft in Cheam did come and see me at Silkwood and I brought along the majority of my kits so she could see how the uniqueness works, she brought the lot including this my new kit which in fact is an inspiration pack for spinners textile artists scrap bookers extra all colour coded which you can't really see from the dark photo.

sorry dark photo Posted by Picasa

She also wants to buy some of my handspun boxed up in hat kits.

No name yarn Posted by Picasa

I never thought that the buisness would grow so fast. Yarnsmith has also just had an order and it gave me a chance to play with young Sirus he is so cute.

The over really exciting thing is the plans that me and Little Lixie are drawing up, I can't tell you anything yet but kepp a look at all will be explained soon. All I'm saying is keep the last weekend in February free.

close up Posted by Picasa

On the knitting fronet having a bit of a disaster as have lost both of the new patterns for the new kits when my computer crashed so am trying to rework them an Gill from Woolly Workshop has bravely volunteered to attemlt to knit up from my hand scribbled notes.
Mostly my time has been spent putting kits together and spinning so I am looking forward to this weekend as it is going to be a very lazy weekend taking full advantage of Tess' wheels and dye house. So expect lots of photos of wheels cats and dyed hands.

Friday, August 12, 2005

brief interlude

I'm sorry I am still struggling with computer problems so I am over here at Silkwwod sharing their computer so at least I can upload a couple of photos. I have to admit that I don't like bloggong with out photos as I feel that even if the people reading my blog aren't interested in what I'm saying at least they have something interesting to look at.
First of all we had a great time at Syon Park over the weekend thankfully the weather held out for us with only a quick shower on the Friday. We had some wonderful helpers to Jill, Yvonne and Little Lixie. Little Lixie had made a wonderful necklace out of some of Silkwood silk. I managed to get some drop spinning done at the show see the results below but also I had an enquiry from WhichCraft a knitting store in Cheam about sending them stock.

Latest spindle action Posted by Picasa

So it has been a mad week putting kits togther as Yarnsmith also put in an order and Woolly workshop also put in a follow up order.

Close Up Posted by Picasa

Unfortunately this has left little time for much knitting but hopefully this weekend I can get a chance to catch up on testing some of the new patterns for kits.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hi and Bye

Just a quick note as computer connection still down. Had a wonderful day at Syon Park with Silkwood and got a bit of spinning done. Pictures I'm sure will be appearing on Yvonnes Blog shortly.
The best news of all is Woolly Workshop has put my kits up on her site and two have already gone.
Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

If its not one thing its another

Ok so there was I last night all settled and ready to upload all my images of the wonderful time I had at Silkwood on Monday I turn on the computer and what happens, nothing, well not quite nothing I get up the window that says window has not opened properly and choose a way in which I wish to open, I go through all the choices and no joy I think I may have to use the rescue disc but this means I will be loosing evertything I stored on the computer, thank fully I have a back up for most things there are a couple of things though that I haven't like a couple of things that Robin sent to me, at the moment I am more angry than sad as the computer was perfectly fine when I used it in the morning so I have my suspisions that someone else in the house may have tried to use my computer while I was out.:(
So I am now sitting back in my local internet cafe so I'm afraid no photos and I think my bloggong may be a bit sparse over the next week but I promise photos on my return.