Monday, February 28, 2005

Tired but happy

Sorry that its been a couple of days but have been so exhausted the last two nights that I have literally arrived home and crawled into bed.

I have to thank all our helpers for the weekend they were wonderful and I couldn't have done it without you and I hope you all had a good time and are not suffering to much this morning from an exhausting weekend.

And yet more teaching, see jans beautiful shawl in the foreground Posted by Hello

I know that although I'm exhausted I had some fun and have learnt a whole lot and between Polly, Sue, Jan and Yvonne getting me organised, as we know not my strong point, I'm considering a stand at the big Knitting and stitching show in October, but I think I will give it a couple of days to make the final decision on that one.

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I did succumb yesterday though to buying some goodies, I ordered some Uruguayan painted kettle yarn from wool'n'love its like very thin roving but has the most amazing range of colours and I think it will felt well. (I have linked their website but it is a new site so give them time to update it with all the new yarns as they are also stocking Opal and Jo Sharp). I also decided to treat myself to a silver alchemy set so silver buttons here we come. Oh and a couple of bargain books at a £1 a piece, The adorable crochet for babies book which I have been looking at for a while but there was only one pattern that I wanted from it so couldn't justify buying a whole book but for a £1 well I couldn't leave it on the shelf could I.

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Update on the show

Well although today was exhausting it was a good day, not that many people but still lots of interest. Unfortunately I have only sold one kit so far but lots of insperationn thread packs.
Mary and Roberta were wonderful in the Relax and Knit area fighting there way through the snow and we won't talk about the shooting. And Sue lent us some large needles to play with.
The good news so far is that I haven't brought anything, mostly as I haven't really had a chance to get off the stand but probably a good idea.
More news tomorrow

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The Stand Posted by Hello

Knit and Relax area before the chaos Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Roll on Sunday

Oh what a day, admittedly better than yesterday, toe a bit better and all that but I think I have decided that I need a buisness partner some one who can deal with all the logistics as every time I attept to do anything thats the side I struggle with as this weekend proves, I don't think I'm aggresive enough when dealing with other companies hence I still gave no needles, no van or driver and very little detail from the organisers of the show. Oh well we shall see what happens trying not to get to stressed and am now going with what ever happens happens.
The good news of the day was that I got my delivery from Amazon and now you're going to ask me what they were as I've left them both at the studio so I wouldn't be tempted to read them instead of working one I think is freeform knitting and crochet and the other is about Modular knitting will bring home tomorrow and will write in proper names and links but both look great.
Oh well better get back to work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I should have stayed in bed

Oh the day didn't get a whole lot better, although the toe is feeling a little better if a little blue. I think the only way I got through the day was with the help of some good friends, Dan got me my milk and some lunch. Then Jacqueline answered my plea for help and came and help with some twisting up of skeins and even took some home to finish.Finally Jac came along this evening to help me pack so I didn't have to stand I just sat and pointed. As you can see from the photo its a little chaotic in the studio with half finished kits everywhere. Still no news on the driver fronet but something will turn up.
Oh I also posted a picture of my finished keyhole scarf, not that I got any knitting done today, I evenpacked the color on color scarf unfinished to go with me.
Well mor kit making tomorrow and some printing.

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Have you ever had one of those days when you should have stayed in bed, everything is just going pear shaped.
Last night I think I might have broken my little toe blood every where you know the thing but I cleaned it up and went to bed and this morning just a dark bruise appearing until once again I stubbed it on something so once more with the blood so limoing well and the only shoes I can get on is a trainer, so if that wasn't so bad I lost my driver for Thursday which now means I also lost the van so am going to have to spend some finding a replacement which means evrything is falling behind.
I think I'm just panicing I'm sure it will be fine more later.

Monday, February 21, 2005

I won the raeburn battle

I am just a little chuffed with myself )I know pride becomes before a fall) the raeburn was still burning successfully when Les and Tes walked through the door, oh and as an added bonus I still had all the bunnies and cats too.

I did a little spinning this morning its been a while, I forgot quite how much I enjoy it. It has the same medative qualiities as knitting, I could lose myself for hours even with the odd bit of help from the cats.

I also got on really well with my socks turned the heel on both and had finished one completely but then I left them there so no picture until their return.

Must dash have got my other hat on now as a youth worker, so I am off to battle through the snow to go and run a craft session for my youth club (hopefully will have inspiration on the journey).

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Fresco brought in Alders Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Raeburn still lit!!!!!!

I think I am slowly getting the hang of this thing the couple of times I checked on it last night didn't need to do anything to it and was still lit this morning.
Rabbits and cats are also fine.
I actually took a day off from kit winding today, I know I shouldn't of but hey I'll double the effort tomorrow. I did some spinniing this morning, I'm a little rusyt as I'm out of practice but was becoming more even afer ten minutes or so, I also turned the heel on one of the socks and started on the second. I also went shopping in Sutton, having never been I was just curious and came across an Alders with a yarn department and I got all excited because a s you know they are going into liquidation and I thought great some good bargins to be had, in fact it was all very depressing, they only stocked Sirdar and a limited range at that. They had obviously sent back any complete bags of any yarn they had as they get a refund and what was left mostly acrylic DK had only a 10% discount so I was very good and only brought two balls of yarn both Sirdars' Fresco one in Black grey and white and another inpink orange and lilac their yardage is quite goo so will make another addition to the kits.
Unfortunately while I was out it started to snow, thankfully it didn't settle but it is definitely a little frosty here.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Sorry no pictures!!!

One day down and the Raeburn is still lit...sorry not to much about knitting in this entry the only real thing I have done in the way of knitting is get another five kits wound up with the help of the cats.
A peice of good news is that I have finally found a company to supply my knitting needles, fingers crossed they arrive by Thursday otherwise I can see me spending my time at the show putting needles in boxes. Oh I forgot the other peice of good news is that wool'n'love who I met at the Sandown show wants to come and share my stand at Ali Pali which will ease the pressure a little now just the small problem of getting there.
I am having a relaxing time here surrounded by fleece and spinning wheels, the bunnies aren't too much hard work or the cats but the raeburn is definitely a challenge and as it is the best source of heat in the place I am concentrating most of my energy in keeping it going, I must admit its great for dryng clothes.
I'm sorry I missed the meeting at Liberty yesterday it sounds like a good one. Oh weel one more fox patrol and stoke of the fire and I think an early night for me.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just a Quick Note

Just a quick entry as I am just off to Tess and Les' to look after their place and the bunnies for the weekend, unfortunately the chickens that I was also supposed to look after were had by the local foxes so am now going to be completely paranoid. But I also get their beautiful cats for company which will make up for it, although the suitcase of yarn waiting to be made up into more kits will keep me busy.
Knitting wise I had quite a successful day yesterday another 10 kits ready to go plus I am turning the heel on two of my socks the regia strech ones are coming with me so hopefully I might have a pair of socks by the time I get back. I also managed to dye a hank of yarn in Pinks and oranges to add to the kit stash.
I am having problems getting some of my links to work so please be patient still haven't got the hang of this programme yet but getting there.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I forgot

I forgot to mention while I was fighting with the needle companies this morning I found a really useful website for decoding Japenese Knitting Patterns ABSs of Knitting which I am going to add to my links its worth checking out their links to as they have some very intresting modular patterns.

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Five more kits finished :)

I could never believe how hard it can be to buy products from a company, I have spent the morning trying to chase companies for circular needles, honestly considering the size of the order you would think it would be easier, I may have to start selling kits without needles.
Other than that have finished another five kits and am about to wind down some of silkwood yarns for the show.
I did get a few rows done on my regia sock hopefully see the picture above also there should be a picture of Kiri couldn't face it today so hasn't grown any.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Not so bad

I had a really bad feeling that today was going to be one of those days where being without Robin would be unbearable, although the day didn't start off too well, especially the part where I posted four letters having only put stamps on three of them.
Thankfully shortly after my arrival at the studio my packaging arrived and it was all perfect.

The clear boxes were the ideal size, all that model making was worth it, and although the clear carrier bags may not be the best quality in the world but will do for this show along with the pink tissue paper. I also manageed to finish another six kits before I lost the light.

I'm not saying that I haven't shed the odd tear today but actually it brought to the fore some of my favourite memories, for instance on our first date he brought me a pink rose corsage, and although this is a memory in itself my favourite part of it was the half hour we spent trying to work out how to put it on....... I'm not sure we ever did work it out but its one of my most prized possessions.

Knitting wise, couldn't face Kiri today but did get another ten rows done on the instep of the regia fairisle socks.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Not quite as intended

Unfortunately I didn't get to Brighton as planned especially as I hear there was a very attractive four foot by three foot picture of me on the knit and relax stand (note the sarcasm). I just had one of those bad days yesterday besides knitting six rows of my Kiri and then having to undo four of them (see my comment about lace knitting in previous entry) I also found some of the presents that I had brought back from the states for Christmas for Robin, which made me quite low so decided to take a day off especially as I had the house to myself.
I ended up digging out a quilt I had started about a year and a half ago. Its being made in the old fashion method of hand piecing (finally found a good use for old christmas cards) all in fresh pale pinks and blues with primarily fabric from IKEA and odds and ends found else where. I will try and take a picture in day light as the colours aren't right with the flash, but that has successfully kept me occupied if my fingers a little sore, really can't get used to using a thimble.
So back to the grindstone tomorrow, I did manage to finish two more kits yesterday so hopefully the packaging will turn up tomorrow.
I guess the bonus of not going to brighton is that I didn't spend any money, but unfortunately have made a few ebay purchases none knitting related, mostly books or audio books for the studio and a copy of the fifth Harry Potter, I know everyone else has already read them all I just haven't quite caught up yet took me three goes to finish number four.

Friday, February 11, 2005

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Got very little done again

Well thats not strictly true, I did manage to get one kit together before I lost the light and cast on Kiri, not being a great lace knitter we'll see how big it gets. I'm knitting it in a very thin wool and silk mix from Texure Yarn in Ruby red. Have managed to knit twenty rows so far but some how don't think I'll manage to finish it in the suggested 24 hours, but am enjoying the challenge.
Half of the day was distracted by the boys and an improvised lunch of Pizza in studio one, Mark on good form as built in caberet.
And the best bit of all got my first comment Thank you Jan.

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One of those days

A quiet night at Liberty last night but we had a visit from Chris and Libby before they headed off to a show.
I had one of those days yesterday forgot everything, left my purse at home so had to borrow money from Mark to get to Liberty, I also left my knitting at home so cast on another sock in a Regia yarn I brought back from the states a couple of years ago (photo to follow). But I did acheive in sorting my packaging problem, I found this great website Bagnbox man which had the perfect clear boxes and also supply carrier bags oh and some nice pink tissue paper just to complete the look.
Angelia came over to the studio yesterday and blocked out her jumper, it looks stunning the yarn she brought back with her from her holiday really works well as a replacement to rowans linen print, if I get my act together I'll take my camera with me to the studio today.
The phot that will hopefully appear above this entry is the comissioned shawl I was talking about back in October and Jan wanted to see the finished article.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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I had a lovely day yesterday with Les and Tes, I got to meet all the bunnies and the hens and the beautiful cats and am looking forward to looking after them all when they are away. Also came back with their yarn for the Ali Pali show, I daren't even open the bag as I know there is at least one colourway that I have fallen in love with.
Didn't get a lot done today as just couldn't seem to get settled, I spent most of the day getting frustrated by my packaging problems, which still haven't been resolved, oh and agreed to send a piece of work for a show in Detroit in June.
Although still feeling exhausted I spoke to a friend who has spoken to a coumsellor about grief and they reckon that it is normal and can carry on for at least a year so I think I'll pass on the doctors appointment and just be patient.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Well I successfully turned Jill's yarn blue I just hope it is dark enough I think it may be a little pale so I hope it will be dry by Thursday and just in case anyone turns up at Liberty on Thursday I'll take it with me. I can always over dye it but I think it looks so pretty as it is.
I have been absolutely exhausted for the last few day, its odd I am sleeping many more hours since recieving our bed from Hatfield but feel far worse absolutely drained and at the end of the day its starting to effect my eye site. Actually fell asleep knitting this afternoon which is unheard of and I actually left the studio before 8pm which is even stranger. I'll give it a couple more days and then maybe I'll make an appointment for the doc's but then again maybe not lol.......

Saturday, February 05, 2005

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jan's sue's and amelia's wonderful yarns Posted by Hello

Workshop fun

What a great day... We had a wonderful time today with Jan, Jacinta,Sue and Amelia came over to the studio for my food colouring for the kitchen day and they produced the most wonderful yarns by the time we left not to mention Jan's wonderful home baked cake and biscuits (melt in the mouth goodies from heaven... if only I had that talent). See thepictures above not the best in the world but you will get the idea and have already booked for the beginners felt class in March.
My turn to dye tomorrow, I have Jill's yarn to dye a beautiful periwinkle blue which should be fun as its a beautiful yarn with a linen twist running through it.
I have cast on the second sock toe section and will hopefully finish tonight as long as I don't fall asleep.

Friday, February 04, 2005

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ends of scarf Posted by Hello