Monday, March 28, 2005

What beautiful weather

And I had plent of time to admire it as I walked over hammersmith bridge due to some idiot in a barge running in to it, its fine in this weather but having experienced it in all weathers I am not looking forward to it in the rain.
Kits going well, twenty five complete and ready for the show and still a couple of days to go so maybe some more. Unfortunately with all this kit prperation very little knitting being done and starting to get withdrawl symptons.
I have had a quiet easter to myself mostly in the studio, all it needs is a shower and a bed and I'd move in. The boat race caused the normal disruption to the local area yesterday including the helicopters ot always sounds like an invasion for at least three hours and that doesn't include the rehersal fly pasts the day before.
As you can tell the computers still down and will make a concerted effort to get to the Apple store this week.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Olympia here we come

As the title suggests I have got myself in trouble again, whilst spending a wonderful day with Tess and Les from silkwood yarns (see link) we got talking about this up and coming show and I mentioned that I thought I would just go along as a punter and see if it was the normal cross stich madness that it usually was, then we got onto the subject of Relax and knit and the next thing I know we are on the phone to the organisers and thats it we have a stand and a relax and knit with both my kits and silkwood yarns on the stand so guess whose going to be burning the midnight oil again to get kits ready for seven days time, at least its a little closer to home. All I have to do is resist Silkwoods new yarns absolutely heavenly colours in the 4ply (pictures to follow).

We had a nice relaxed evening at Liberty this evening, with a rather to successful trip to a new bead shop in Kingley Ct in Carnaby Street. Lots of new things to play with and no time to do it.

Comission shawl finished and picked up, unfortunately no picture as stupidly forgot to take camera to studio this morning but Teresa was thrilled with the simple lace and drop pattern. Also a nice visit from Jill with some wonderful wools to swell my kit stash, she is an angel.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Sunshine !!!!!!!

Still no photos I'm afraid, as my home computer is still out which is such a pity as I have so much to show you all, I have the comission shawl pinned out in the studio drying from its blocking, just the fringe to do. And then there is the progress on the Brilliant Knits jumper. Also I found the other night when on a search for knitting needles my one sock syndrome stash one of which was my first ever sock, this was back when I knew no better and had attempted a sock in the Kaffe Fassett style which has made it completely unwearable due to the tightness round the heel and we won't even talk about the yarn I have used (acrylic heaven).

Feeling a little more positive maybe because of the brilliant sunshine we had on Saturday with our felt making class, not as organised as my normal classes but fun all the same.

I decided to try and cut myself a couple of pattern blocks for myself using a second hand book I picked up locally, I am nowon my third redraw as I obviously don't scale up the same as thier table suggests but I think I have the top almost licked next the challenge of the sleeve.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Been a while

Sorry its been a while since I've been here, its strange I start to think that things are kind of getting back to normal and something comes along and it all hits you again like a large black tidal wave. It was a combination of being asked out by somebody from my past (I was definitely not ready for it but felt having turned down four others in the last three months that maybe it was time) and Robins Grand daughters birthday combined with the three month anniversary of his death coming up I think it just all got on top of me and I am back to taking it a day at a time.

Enough about my personal stuff and more about the important things in life knitting.
I'm still working on the pattern from brilliant knits, its growing fast but looks a little like a blanket at the moment. I have a new comission from Teresa for another shawl for her travels round the festivals this summer and so far I am using two shades of Giotto, one shiller and one point five from Colinette and the bright cerise Kid Silk Haze and some home dyed lime greem double knit. She wanted something more cob webby than the last one but still has to be quite tough so am using 12mm needles with a simple eyelet lace stich with the occasional double wrap. I promise pictures when my computer works properly.

Went to Liberty last night, it was a nice quiet night with everyone I think having been at the sale the day before but I got to see Brooke and Sirus, so cute and such a good baby.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Sorry that its been a while it hasn't been a great week for me, besides a few personal things my computer is now completely frozen and I can't face fighting with it anymore.

Knitting wise I'm not doing to bad after my delivery from get knitted I started on my modular jumper and of course got impatient with it and am not quite doing it in the right order but I think it will be ok but I think maybe a couple more balls of yarn are required (as if I need an excuse to buy more :).

I alo got my ebay win through the post of some Kon Tiki yarn by Robin in bright orange which is going to be great for kits.

Finally unpacked most of the boxes from the show and the studio almost back to normal for the felting workshop in two weeks time.

Hopefully going to visit the Knotiing show at the craft council tomorrow before Liberty's but we will see, I'm bacj to taking it a day at a time unfortunately.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Delivery day

First things first please see below my first attempt at a square from the heart patchwork from the adorable crochet for babies book, ignore the colours as they were just odds and ends I found round the studio, I think that the written pattern is slightly wrong as it doesn't tally with the chart but I think I have worked it out.

First test crochet square Posted by Hello

Now for my confession, I ordered some yarn and needles for my jumper from get knitted on Monday and it arrived today including a beautiful hank of Lorna laces in purple orange and magenta and considering I was going for autumnal colours its all gone a bit pink. But I havew already done my tension square and am preparing to settle down in front of a film and start more photos tomorrow in the daylight.

Colours for my jumper Posted by Hello