Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Glorious technicolour

Ok I know I know I haven't blogged in a while but I have been struggling to blog without images so be warned I am now installed at Silkwood for a couple of weeks and can post images to my hearts content so this first entry is going to be a little photo heavy.
First up is the picture of the wonderful Lodge we stayed in at Carroty Wood,

hornbeam house

Unfortunately as normal I can't post pictures of the kids for obvious reasons but I can't wait to return to find out how they remember their weekend away.
Next up are the wonderful earings that Annarella sent me to match my stitch markers, they are absolutely perfect.

annarella earings

This is the scarf made from my hand dyed lace weight and hand spun hopefully to be turned into a kit.

scribble lace

And this is Wendy's Knitwit knited up, now I ordered this online, just one ball just to see what it was like only to find when it arrived no instructions, so thanks to Yvonne I managed to knit this on larger needles that suggested and even so there is no way that two balls will make a scarf. Not sure what I am going to do with this yet.


And before my sock mum asks here are my sockpalozza sock, well sock and before she panics I have actually got further than this in fact this one is finished and the second one is on its way.


And finally this is my signed Jan eaton book gained at Olympia

And here are my first squares made mostly from Silkwoods 4ply, a few more to go before its finished :)
afghan square1

afghan square 2

Afghan Square 3

More later


Annarella said...

Beautiful, just beautiful lace yarn :) Ah, and Afgan 3 is my favourite xx

Wibbo said...

Nic, the blocks look great! I love seeing them in different colour combinations.

All the Way With Knitting said...

Those are gorgeous..what a fabulous afghan throw they'd make.

knittingingrid said...

Ooooh, lovely crochet blocks - I almost feel inspired to have a go myself. Great to hear a bit about what you've been up to!

Stitch 'n Dye said...


Loved the blocks. My fav in the book is the one of your no. 3. Just finished it - after making a real pig's ear of my first attempt. My excuse was I was poorly when I started it...

Rosie said...

I got a short and narrow (but lovely) scarf out of 2 balls of Knitit on 3.75mm needles. it is just long enough to make a simple knot at the neck. one of the 9-year olds in my knitting class "borrowed" it from me and she was able to wrap it properly round her neck. I had a hard time getting it back, which was amazing, as I'd used grey and the young lady in question normally only goes for pink!