Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Pic or two more

Firstly this is the yarn I spun a couple of weeks ago. doesn't the green organsa remind you of grasshopper legs?

preying mantis

This is todays completed square (this is square 11)

thank you so much for all those lovely comments about the last lot of squares, I am not a great crocheter and only know the basics but I am so pleased with the results. I think I want to make at least one of each of the circular patterns in the book to make the afghan so it may end up looking a little crazy looking.

Todays square

And this is the stash that I have managed to invade Andy's flat with so far, I thought I was quite restrained myself but I think that it is breeding slowly :)

And finally yes this is a complete sockpalozza sock

Completed sock


Mary-Lou said...

Don't think I've ever seen grasshoppers legs closely enough to make an informed comment, but the yarn looks like great fun :)

Annarella said...

Your handspun is extraordinary!! xx