Saturday, April 22, 2006

Catch up time

I am back and sort of awake, here I am sat here at Silkwood installed for the next week or so having had a couple of really mad days where I having getting up at 5:30am feeding the rabbits including Marge (more of later) tending to the rayburn and dressing at least vaguely smart and then joining the rush hour crowd at 7:15am heading to Isleworth. Now anybody that knows me knows how well I do that time in the morning especially with no time to boil the kettle for a cup of tea, well its all in a good cause I have been attending and adoption placement traing seminar (I hasten to add not for me) with a friend who will make a fantastic parent. Now I've learnt a lot over the last couple of days and at times it has been quite emotionally draining but have met some amazing people who are going to give some kids a much needed loving home. The day doesn't finish till around 4:40pm and it means then dashing back again in the rush hour, I remember now why I could never do that everyday, to feed the cats pray that the rayburn is still alight and then the rabbits and I have to admit after all that all I can manage to do is crawl into bed. SO not a lot of anything else happening but to day after I fed the rabbits and crawled back into bed for a couple of hours nI managed to finish another crochet square and a a little more work on the sockpalozza sock.
The most exciting things about the bunnies at the moment is this
baby bunny

yes we have babies they are just a little bigger that an egg right now but are venturing more and more out of the nest they are so cute.
aren't they sweet

And this is marge who is here breifly on a quick holiday and because of her size has to be let out for a walk a couple of times a day and here she is over seeing the feeding this morning.

Unfortunately due to certain heating engineers he isn't able to join me on this trip and am finding it very strange not having him around, when I'm with him I even eat normal meals at normal times. He also managed to find a band called the knitters and actually downloaded me a couple of tracks (of course I haven't remembered to bring them with me that would mean me being organised) and when I was ill last week he went out and brought me a Simply Knitting magazine to cheer me up what more can a girl ask for.


Annarella said...

He is such a sweetie! :D

Michelle said...

I love those bunnies! The baby one is so cute.