Monday, March 28, 2005

What beautiful weather

And I had plent of time to admire it as I walked over hammersmith bridge due to some idiot in a barge running in to it, its fine in this weather but having experienced it in all weathers I am not looking forward to it in the rain.
Kits going well, twenty five complete and ready for the show and still a couple of days to go so maybe some more. Unfortunately with all this kit prperation very little knitting being done and starting to get withdrawl symptons.
I have had a quiet easter to myself mostly in the studio, all it needs is a shower and a bed and I'd move in. The boat race caused the normal disruption to the local area yesterday including the helicopters ot always sounds like an invasion for at least three hours and that doesn't include the rehersal fly pasts the day before.
As you can tell the computers still down and will make a concerted effort to get to the Apple store this week.

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