Sunday, October 09, 2005


First of all my apologies, I know that I haven't posted for what seems forever and for those who have been sending messages my thanks.
My emotions kind of went into overload ping ponging all over the place for a couple of reasons that may become clear over the next few weeks, but at the moment it has settled back down for a bit, the other reason being that I have been manically winding skeins for kits all ready for Ally Pally next weekend, my thanks goes especially to those who have bravely stepped in to help me with this massive job you know who you are, I will be eternally grateful.

I did manage to have a wonderful day out in Poole with beautiful weather, it was so nice to breathe in the sea air to blow away the cobwebs.

Poole Quay Posted by Picasa

We also took part in the stitch and craft show at Sandown park where Yvonne, Dawn, Jill, Gill and Hazel joined in the fun


Anonymous said...

Hi, I liked your blog its my first time here! If you are interested, go see my Tai Chi related site. Its purley for peoples health.

All the best John

Tracy said...

You came to Poole? You walked along one of my favourite haunts. There's absolutely no way you can come home without feeling refreshed. We do our crab fishing just to the left of that area, it keeps Neil and the boys quiet for hours (I'm still trying to work out how I fish and knit, it all gets very confusing ;)

Rox said...

Hey Chickie - hoping you are feeling better. I'm here....if ya need a friend. Or someone to yell at or something! :)

Melanie said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were!!! Glad everything is well.
What's the wonderful roving you sent me? Not the Wensledale, but the other stuff... is it merino? My friend Dan is done spinning it for me. (He's the one I did the angora trade with.) And now he's going to do the wensledale... so keep stopping by, and I'll let you know when I get it back. It's sure to be something beatutiful. I've been turning ideas in my head for a sweater with the rowan homespun... maybe next month I'll get started on it! ;-) I'm thinking maybe my own pattern. what a rebel!!! ;-)

Anna said...


Hope you're feeling better...

Looking forward to Ally Pally (although I'm stranded here in Italy, and hope to make it back tomorrow...)

Good luck with the kits.