Monday, October 17, 2005


So finally life is returning to normal a little. Besides a now very bad head cold (fingers crossed not flu).

Where to start I guess with the best news 'Skip North' has gone live, go and check it out it is going to be a fun weekend. Any questions feel free to ask.

Next up I guess is Ally Pally this is a photo of the chaos in the studio beforehand,

the chaos Posted by Picasa

well I can say I survived it even feeling lousey for most of it, and all I can say is thank God for friends especially after the disaster of Thursday morning where I managed to get to the stand one minute before it all opened and poor Tess and Les arrived an hour later all down to really bad traffic but Lixie and Yvonne jumped right in and saved the day as well as Spellbound who lent them a float and pen and paper for any sales all I can say is thank you.

I met so many people in real life who have blogs I read I can't even begin to list them but it was so wonderful to meet so many fellow enthusiats. I also forgot my camera so I have to thank Dawn for this wonderful picture of the stand I also have to thank Polly for a much needed cup of tea, I could go on for ever it was nice to feel so supported by so many friends old and new.

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I didn't buy much whilst there wasn't really inspired I think that was down to this cold but did get to a couple of classes all non knitting, more based on the design side one was a drawing clas which to be honest I probably could have taught but that was down to the wrong description being placed in the brochure but the guy was wonderful and I enjoyed the nice quiet time away from the stand. Another class was a mixed media textiles taster which again used most techniques that I have used before but again I enjoyed the time to create something that wasn't knitting. And finally I saw a lecture from Jan Beany on keeping Sketchbooks which gave me a wonderful chance to actually see her original sketches which I love.

The other good news was that Gill had finished knitting up my latest knitting Pattern for the latest kit and it seems to have turned out really well.

And finally another picture from my visit to Poole while I was at the quay this wonderful Tall SHip pulled in to moor.

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KnitYoga said...

Ally Pally was great but must be such hard work and exhausting for the people on the stalls! Hope your cold gets better soon.

Tracy said...

It was really good to finally put faces to names wasn't it? We're "real" people now!

kerrie said...

It was good to see you again at AP, I think we're all entitled to a few days off now - don't you? take care...

cccavicch said...

It was great to see you at AllyPally, Nic, and to meet Les and Tess. I bought so much yarn that I had to leave some in London for my husband to bring over to me in November when he comes to NY to visit!

Looking forward to seeing you when I'm over again at Christmas.


pixeldiva said...

Sorry I missed you - I was hoping you'd be around so I could say hi when I popped by very early on Saturday morning. Anyway, I bought one of your scarf kits.

Hope you don't mind but it won't be becoming a scarf - it fairly leapt into my hands and decided that it wanted to become a Prudence Mapstone-esque bag.