Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well I was all ready to post some pictures of my recent purchases and of course the computer won't let me down load any of my pictures so I'm afraid this is a photo less entry.

I still have this cold/flu which yesterday was so bad I managed about an hour in the studio before deciding to go home and get back into bed. The twelve hours sleep I managed seems to have helped a little and I even managed to get to the hairdressers, I have been in desperate need for at least three weeks now as the grey slowly was taking over so am now back to my red hair (sun glasses all round I feel) and the wonderful head massage I got seems to have helped my bunged up head as well. If anyone is looking for a hairdresser I highly recommend Toni from the colour centre in Hammersmith she is the only one I will let cut my hair these days heaven forbid she decides to move back to Australia.

Thats about all I managed today, managed to miss meeting up with a number of friends to a tempermental phone that only seems to be sending messages in blocks of five meaning some didn't arrive till 12 hours later!!!!

Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

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