Saturday, March 25, 2006

And finally the finale

Ok so the show is almost over and I am reaching that oart of a four day show where I am running on empty, don't get me wrong shows are exciting but I have to say by the fourth day all I want to do is curl up and sleep. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of bloggers though, some of whom I have previousley met but a couple of new faces, like Anerella whose stitch markers I couldn't resist pictures on Monday) I have brought acouple of other things like the Jan Eaton Crochet Squares book which I was lucky enough to get signed (thanks to Les I was too much of a coward) as she was at the show on Thursday and she is a really nice person, its not as though I expected her to be awful but sometimes some authors I have met don't want to speak to anyone but she had time for everyone.
Here are a couple of pics of the show at its quieter moments, in fact a couple of them while the show was still closed.


Mostly cross stitch

the stand opposite

We have eyed up those sofas and reckon if we have a quick nap on them we can still see the stand from there but those inconsoderate ladies from coates and their customers keep sitting on them:)

look who I caught on camera

This is creations stand, the shop I used to work for and who do I spy in the frame?

Andy comes over to join me tomorrow evening, so he is going to be welcomed by a worn out wreck to wheel me home to flump after we have eaten out. Then its a couple of days at his before taking teenagers off to Carritey wood weekend, oh what a wild life I lead!!!!!

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