Friday, March 17, 2006

Ok time to explain

Sorry to all of those who looked at my blog today and just saw a random collection of pics, I remebered this morning that I don't have the facility to post pics here in Essex on the blog but had taken a whole collection but didn't have time to put them all in a post as well so I will now try and put that right.

First up are pictures of some of my gains from Skip North, there will be more to follow.
First up were these my finds at Cold Spring mill


Two cones one of Aztrakan (I never can spell this) and yes if you look carefully you can see the great bargin it was. The second cone I haven't got a clue, it seems like a wool core with what I would describe as a halo of synthetic angora, so for the large sum of £5 I purchased this rather large cone to experiment with.

fun yarn

These were just three balls of interesting acrylic to add to kits that I found (there were a couple of other little purchases but as they are pressies can't really post pictures of them).
Then we are off to Skep

sock yarn

First up were these two balls of sock yarn at 50p a ball!!!!!! I think this is because there is a slight defect in the dyeing and there is the odd whit blob where the dye hasn't merged properly, but I actually quite like that and at that price. Now I was almost out the door with my purchases and was quite pleased with how restrained I had been when Fred found some balls of this

Green Yarn

much to both of our relief bob from Skep managed to find some more so we both managed to buy enough for our projects so it wasn' knitting needles at Dawn:)
We of course next went to Bombay Stores where I didn't buy a single thing, not that I wasn't tempted, so next stop was the KCG, just the one picture (so far)


this is some undyed Opal Sock Yarn for me to have some fun with:) And on we move to Wingham Wool, in fact I had to get this lot sent to me as we were running out of room in the car,

Niddy Noddy

This is my newly acquired niddy noddy, something I have been needing for a while ( and yes I do mean needing rather than wanting) this is accompanied by some wonderful dyed tops in many colours.

And last but not least a picture from my day trip to Camden


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sal the spider said...

Great job:-) I really envy the 50p sock yarn but after this weeks monster stash enhancement shouldn't even think of lusting after more yarn .......but I do anyway!!!
Sal x