Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Proper Post

So finally a proper post for the week.

Knitting wise I managed to get to both of the knitting groups this week, although I was a little late at Putney but I was still harbouring this bug (which is still lingering) but glad I made the effort as I always find something to inspire me, they were of course intrested to hear all about Andy, people will get fed up eventually but while they still ask I can whitter on to my hearts content :)
Actual knitting, well there hasn't been much this is how I know I really don't feel well as I couldn't concentrate even on a simple garter stitch scarf, I have started to work with the yarn that texere sent to me that wasn't what I ordered combined with some of my hand spun for a new kit but I think I am about to rip it out as I'm not happy with it, although I have found out that Andy's mate chris was well trained by his mum as he sat there quite patiently while I wound both yarns from hanks into balls. Other than that knitting wise it has been a quiet week.

We did get to go to Lixies and Poochs engagement party last night and had a great time, we met Ruth and Tom and Ann from the Golders Green group so some knitting talk took place, plus some champagne drinking and ice cream eating before getting back just in time to catch the last bus.

As for the Andy update, all still going really well and am still in that heady happy stage, my only concern at the moment is my stash, well since I spend quite a bit of time at his place, the odd ball of wool has turned up (and I do mean one or two) and he already seems to be worried about their existance, maybe thats a bit strong its more like that they just appeared and sit there so we went out yesterday and brought a container to keep them in, unfortunately I still don't think he quite understands the stash thing and how they breed like tribbles let alone the having more than one project on the go at any one time (mind you I know lots of knitters who don't understand that). We will see what happens I guess and don't get me started on the duvet sharing debate lol.

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Spinningfishwife said...

You share your duvet with the stash ????

No wonder he`s feeling a bit twitchy.....;-)