Sunday, March 05, 2006

Young at Heart

Ok now you see I thought I was a grown up, well what I always imagined a grown up to be, I guess a little like I don't know like those middle aged middle class couples you tend to find in english situation comedies, well I here to say I don't think I am ever going to be like that especially whilst I was wandering around Camden Market yesterday with Andy and his son. I hadn't been to camden since I was a teenager and hadn't had a great experience, all I remember is the crowds of people and just getting very dehydrated and feeling unwell and my mate getting fed up wth me so it was with a little trepidation that I set out yesterday that and the fact that I seem to have a stinking cold so was also dosed up to the eyeballs, but as soon as we got there it was great, a real visual overload for my brain so many things to see all at once, at least as we went a little late in the day it was reasonably quiet walking from the Chalk Farm end but by the time we started looking in shops like Black Rose and Cyberdog I was like ohh thats a great spiked gauntlet and that hair dye is just the right shade of pink, I am obviousley never going to be that sensible dresser that I feel I should be aiming for and am definitely heading for the Zandra Rhodes path as I don't think I can resist and turn to the beige side :)

On the knitting side I crashed and burned on both Olympic projects but I have to say what I have experienced/gained far outweighs any success I might of achieved but I do promise to complete both projects and have already turned the heel on one of the socks and knitted the head on the peacock face cloth.

I also brought some of the new Natural Silk Aran from Rowan to play with but actually wasn't very impressed and really not enjoying knitting with it and there are even some places in the ball that I feel tht might snap with a bit of wear so I am making a pair of handwarmers just to see but I don't think that I will be buying yarn for a jumper as planned.

Photos to be added later.


Yvonne said...

Don't you dare ever even think about turning to the beige side!

dawn said...

that natural silk aran is a misnomer, it's largely viscose!
I haven't been to camden mkt for 19 yrs, took a friend's toddler in a pushchair on a hot summer's day and hated it, couldn't get in any shops and people kept falling over the pushchair!

Spinningfishwife said...

The "Beige Side"????? You? Lolol!!!

m said...

Some of us will NEVER turn to beige.
It just doesn't suit us, does it?

Annarella said...

Pink is wicked... ALWAYS! No matter what age you are. Keep rocking! xx

Helen said...

I'm using the Natural Silk Aran for a baby jacket and I love it. Maybe not very practical but it's not as if she'll have time to wear it out. I used an Addi bamboo circular because it just slid about all the time on Turbos, and the colurs (I got Spring, the pink shade) are endlessly interesting. I'm going to miss it when it's finished. I am trying to think of a good excuse for getting some of the green as well, which is the colour of the patina on bronze.