Monday, May 01, 2006

A weeks notes

Ok I know its been another week or so since my last post but the week didn't quite go as planned, I went back and did the final two days of the adoption placement training on MOnday and Tuesday two really long days which not only left me physically exhausted but also emotionally drained as a lot of the last two days were spent investigating your relationship pattens and your attachment history, this is of course essential when adopting and as they say it is not to stop anyone adopting but to give you some indication on what areas you might need to be aware of. Well as I expected it showed me once again my childhood wasn't great, I could have told them that lol but it does take it out of you dragging everything up again but it has made me realise that there are a few things that I am going to have to deal with. To start with they spent a little time talking about life story books that all kids in the system of adoption and fostering have now and I think because I was about to redo my family photo album as it is in one of those awful sticky albums that have lost its stick but I think I might incorporate it with my art journals and try and make more of a scrap book maybe with some of the stories behind the pictures.

Onto more cheeery things knitting wise I have finished my sockpalozza socks and they are all ready to go in the morning, hopefully I'll get to post a pic in a bit but blogger is misbehaving a little at the moment same with a couple more crochet squares that I have finished.

The other fun bit of knitting news is that Silkwood have finally found a reliable supplier of sock yarn and I have managed to do the first couple of samples today so when they are dry then I'll post a pic, but the yarn is taking the colour well and it has the all important 25% polymide to 75% wool so can't wait to see more of this stuff dyed up.

Andy did get a chance to come and stay with me for a couple of nights this week which was fantastic and much needed, its amazing how quickly you can feel lost without someone when they are not around.

Unfortunately I had a bad night here last night as I discovered one of our bunnies had died, I have had pets all my life and have seen a few pass away but it still doesn't stop it being upsetting especially as it is not mine and I had to make that phone call to tell Tess, the only thing that made me feel slightly better it doesn't look as though she suffered and it must have been reasonably quick as I had only checked on her the hour before and apparently even if I had found her still alive there would have been nothing I could have done but it made for a very bad nights sleep all round I think.


All the Way With Knitting said...

So sorry to hear about your bunny ..they are so beautiful. Angie

maylin said...

Sorry to hear about the bunny. I sympathise with the family soul searching. I've been there and it is physically draining, and of course it doesn't go away. Good luck with sorting it through though.
Great news about the sock yarn. I bought some of your 100% merino at Olympia in March and am still undecided as to what to do with it, maybe just look at it... I have a few kilos of undyed Opal sock yarn to dye, I'm looking forward to it.