Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ok so my theory about the hamster being dead isn't right the sneaky little thing appears to eat the food I leave out at night and then just magically disappears, so the studio looks like a bomb has hit it as I have had everything out looking for this little thing but no signs but something is definitely eating the food.

My Gift Posted by Picasa

Look what my friend Jacqueline found for me in Turkey. Her name is Fatima and has mow found a new home sat upon my book shelves spinning away.

Spinning away Posted by Picasa

She also brought me this

raw silk Posted by Picasa

This is silk straight oiff the Cocoon with the gum still in it so its a bit like dries pasta I guess it feels like it should be very brittle but its amazing stuff.

Let me think what else has happened oh yes my kits have gone up on the Get Knitted site and apparently there has been some interest already


Daisy said...

Fatima looks great on your shelf!

Laura said...

ooh! that silk looks interesting - can't wait to see what you do with it.

Laura x

Tracy said...

She's the perfect gift for you.

dawn said...

Have you thought about buying one of those humane mouse catchers? the box ones that don't kill, but trap them.


Anonymous said...

hehe, just buy mousetrap the game and see if you can get him?

littlelixie said...

Hey there how's things? Am still up for winding kits on sat if you're around plus party still on on sat night if you're interested?!