Saturday, February 11, 2006


Ok have just finished a nice little post starting with a couple of sentences of how I thought I'd fixed my computer then it went and eat my post :)

So lets try that again, ok so maybe I haven't ironed out all the problems with the computers but it is definitely better.

Also for all of those that have been asking the bunny is doing well and is eating and drinking happily.

So first wool shot

This is Lornas laces desert from Get Knitted for use for my Sockpalozza socks, I am thinking of attempting Jaywalker but will see what the yarn does in that pattern, I know that I had loads of yarn that I could have used but these colours are so right for my exchange pal.

Talking of Olympic knitting so the flame was lit last night and well I didn't get a lot done lol, I've been a little distracted (in a good way) in fact have been a little distracted all week really.

Ok so no picture for some reason blogger this morning is having a bit if a problem as it just lost all my links as well never mind have to head off to the studio to wind some kits so I'll try and post a picture or to later.

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Big A said...

Hi, found you too!