Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting Honest (well mostly)

Ok knitting first before the soppy stuff :)
I finally managed to post the pictures of the yarn that I am using for the sockpalozza/olympic knitting socks.


Its Lorna's Laces Desert and is absolutely beautiful to work with, and here is proof that I have been doing some work on them

The start

I have actually got further than this honest just while the going was good with posting pics I thought I would go with what I had.
I also managed to do some dyeing today, I forgot how heavy wet wool is, two batches were a reasonable success but one is truley hideous and willl have to be over dyed, but I have finished the fibre for the drop spinning class at Skip North and a few little extras.
Les and Tess are back tomorrow after what sounds a reasonable weekend away at a show and so far the raeburn is still lit and all bunnies and cats accounted for :)

So I guess a bit more of the soppy stuff (will understand if you don't read on) so the weekend has gone well have not got on each others nerves (well he hasn't got on mine anyway ) even though we can't really go anywhere because of the bunnies, so now we see what is to come, still scarey and I think will be for a while as both our histories are interesting and leave us both a little, well lets just say interesting :)


Anne said...

Love the yarn, and the sock is looking good.

And very glad to hear you had such a good weekend.

Jill said...

Good Luck! - hope it all goes well.....

Morgan said...

The sock looks great!!

kerrie said...

I love that shade of sock yarn, Brooke is obsessed with the pair I made for her in it. Your jaywalkers look amazing in it. So glad to hear the happy soppy news as well, everyone deserves a little sopppy in their lives! Yay!

Neva said...

Great color/pattern combination. Luck sock pal!