Friday, February 03, 2006

Chilly cats

Ok still no pictures, I will get my act together eventually but have been busy fighting with the damn Raeburn that has decided to have a strop today in fact I thought it had gone out this morning, just as the snow started to fall!!!! After a lot of loving tender care I managed to resurect it but its just started to play up again. I am not sure if its the direction of the wind or what but I feel it could be a late night.
I didn't manage too much today between the antics with the raeburn it took me a little longer with the rabbits too as I have found it is impossible to wear gloves to feed them in the morning as they just end up stuck to the food or the hay or the straw and it was so cold this morning I had to come in after every eight bunnies to let my hands warm up a little as they were becoming painful from the cold. It seems to have warmed up a little this evening so not such a long job but as it is still cold I have all the cats inside, its like having an audience everywhere I go. In fact Pickles was most upset when I had to move him to sit down.

1 comment:

m said...

Snow, poor you.
Did it settle?

We had a balmy 5C today.
So far I have had a voice all day too!
So all sorts of improvements on the past few weeks here.