Thursday, February 16, 2006

Smiley Happy People

Ok so still knitting giggling and smiling (ok not so much knitting), I am back at SIlkwood for the weekend with all the animals and the now infamous Raeburn but even its temepermantal outbursts can't wipe the smile off my face at the moment. I am going to let you into a little secret, I've met someone (no not just anyone:) he makes me feel like a million dollars, well I could go on and on but wouldn't want to bore you in that sickenly sweet way that I could, suffice to say that he is here with me at SIlkwood for the weekend and hasn't once flinched when I have addressed a rabbit/cat/raeburn and engaged them in conversation, and he can even knit :) A little scared, I guess this is normal for everyone, but very very happy.

So now I have that off my chest (I've been wanting to share for a while) back to the knitting, ok so my olympic knitting not going so great have been slightly distracted but both projects are on the go and have done most of the complicated bit of the peacock wash cloth.

Hopefully will get a chance to do some spiining and dyeing this weekend fingers crossed depending on the weather but warm enough at the moment.
Hopefully will post some pictures later


Mary said...

That's great news Nic! You sound like you're having lots of fun.

Tracy said...

Everybody needs a bit of distracting every now and again ;)
Have fun!

dawn said...

ahah! Good for you, I just hope he doesn't distract you too much from the knitting!


Annarella said...

That's so wonderful!! Doing the happy dance for you - enjoy your weekend :)