Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Look what I got :)

Look what I got in a suprise package. Isn't it beautiful, it is from Knitotherapy who is the most amazing crocheter. It is absolutely beautiful and not something I would ever attempt myself, in fact was so taken with it that even in the blazing sun on Saturday morning before I headed for work I was wrapped up in refusing to remove it.
It arrived all wrapped in beautiful rose paper. I will try and take a close up of her beautiful stitching whne I get back tomorrow.
It has taken me so long to blog about it because we have been travelling again well only back to Barnes, we were working at the Youth Club on Monday night and decided to stay over at Dads as we had tickets for a pilot being filmed at the BBC Tuesday night so staying over gave me chance to pop back to studio and say hi and pick up post.
In the end we arrived over an hour before the doors opened and were just hanging around outside and debating what to do as with my previous experience of Jonathen Ross and not getting in I was a little unsure about wandering off when a BBC studio audience women approcached us thinking that we were for the audience for Paul O Gradys live show and we said we weren't and explained we were just deciding what to do for an hour and she asked if we would like to see Paul O Grady and not being one to turn down a free ticket we accepted and actually it was quite fun with Juliette Lewis and Anthony Head as guests, we then went back out and queued for five minutes to get back in for a recording of There's no F in Script which turned out to be a version of whose line is it anyway and as an added bonus they were recording two episodes. Some of it was very funny, please don't ask me the names of the comedians that were taking part as I can't remember but if it ever airs look out for the interprative dance section it was absolutely hysterical.

And finally a bit of knitting, to answer Brigid's question the cotton Angora is exactly on the mark for the tension, I actually did a tension square (shock horror). I have finished the front of the cushion and am now working the back in the round. Posted by Picasa


Pilar said...

OHHHHH, I have the pattern for something just like that, but crocheted. It looks gorgeous dear :)

Annarella said...

Oh my... how can I have missed this post?? The shawl is absolutely gorgeous, out of this world really!! Sue is amazing, isn't she? You're one lucky gal, you know that, right?