Sunday, June 25, 2006


How do you make yourself feel really old? Go to see three bands at The Standard where it has a 16+ door policy.
Ok so I am not quite in my twilight years yet but I think I have settled into maybe a quieter music taste. Now you are asking yourself if you knew that this wasn't going to be your taste why go, well Andy's son-in-laws band A13 where playing and ended up headlining as the fourth band didn't turn up.
Now the first band Amber Void loud noisey but kind of interesting but not my style at all (for a more musical review check out Andy's blog), the second band King Rat was a bit of a suprise, not only to me but also to the crowd of sixteen year olds dressed in black to as they sounded like a cross between Pink Floyd, Placebo and a bit of Marillion thrown in for good measure. Funnily enough they cleared the floor and we moved forward and I have to say that I would love to go and see them again, go check out their website for some downloads and see what I mean.
So finally we come to the main event, what we have come here for waited outside for 40mins to be let in as the sound check ran over and an afternoon paranoid as to what would be suitable to wear for this kind of thing. I had been a little worried because I had only ever heard recordings before and I thought I might have to force some kind of enjoyment but I needed have worried their musicianship was fantastic and found myself bobbing up and down quite happily, no need to make up compliments I was impressed no end. Posted by Picasa


Sue said...

Goodness! That post made me feel old, the last time i went to the standard I was 16/17!!!!!

I can't remember the band....
I do remember speeding through a tunnel Blackwall or Rotherhithe at 105mph in a freinds Carpri, then on to Blackheath to the burger bar for a bacon and egg quarter pounder. I could never quite bring myself to go for the pineapple!

I, like the view said...

see, my answer would have been "look in a mirror" but that's cos I've got a few years on you! (just you wait, just you wait)


live bands are fab, good for you for going to where the music was being played!