Thursday, June 08, 2006


Wow is all I can say, and yes I know I am a little biased as they do stock my kits and I am going to be working in there occasional and oh yes teaching too but the collection of yarn at Stash is amazing and I wanted it all but settled with the yarn to tackle this project, Its the Aqua Swirl Pillow from Pick up Sticks but of course being me I had to change the colour so instead of brown I am using a dark turquoise and am using to slightly different pinks for the swirls. I forgot how nice Lambs pride is to work in, I worked in it a couple of years ago but have forgotten how soft it is. I managed to restrain myself from getting anything else although could have easily emptied the place. If you want to see pictures of the store check out Knitaround, Ingrids site and the Wool Palace Posted by Picasa

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littlelixie said...

What ana amazing looking shop. Oooooo looks like I might have to visit soon! Hope all is well with you xx