Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Delivery day

First things first please see below my first attempt at a square from the heart patchwork from the adorable crochet for babies book, ignore the colours as they were just odds and ends I found round the studio, I think that the written pattern is slightly wrong as it doesn't tally with the chart but I think I have worked it out.

First test crochet square Posted by Hello

Now for my confession, I ordered some yarn and needles for my jumper from get knitted on Monday and it arrived today including a beautiful hank of Lorna laces in purple orange and magenta and considering I was going for autumnal colours its all gone a bit pink. But I havew already done my tension square and am preparing to settle down in front of a film and start more photos tomorrow in the daylight.

Colours for my jumper Posted by Hello


Jan said...

Love the crochet heart square. I was looking at that pattern in my book too. Perhaps you could give me a little demo on how to do it next week at Libertys?

I just did my first bit of crocheting in years last night. Did some trebles around the shawl that I have knitted for Mother in Law. It looks quite good, did it in same wool but purple.

Nickerjac said...

I'll put the pattern and crochet hook n my bag for tomorrow and we'll tackle it together, I'm sure that there are more competent crotcher's there than me :)