Monday, March 21, 2005

Sunshine !!!!!!!

Still no photos I'm afraid, as my home computer is still out which is such a pity as I have so much to show you all, I have the comission shawl pinned out in the studio drying from its blocking, just the fringe to do. And then there is the progress on the Brilliant Knits jumper. Also I found the other night when on a search for knitting needles my one sock syndrome stash one of which was my first ever sock, this was back when I knew no better and had attempted a sock in the Kaffe Fassett style which has made it completely unwearable due to the tightness round the heel and we won't even talk about the yarn I have used (acrylic heaven).

Feeling a little more positive maybe because of the brilliant sunshine we had on Saturday with our felt making class, not as organised as my normal classes but fun all the same.

I decided to try and cut myself a couple of pattern blocks for myself using a second hand book I picked up locally, I am nowon my third redraw as I obviously don't scale up the same as thier table suggests but I think I have the top almost licked next the challenge of the sleeve.

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