Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Sorry that its been a while it hasn't been a great week for me, besides a few personal things my computer is now completely frozen and I can't face fighting with it anymore.

Knitting wise I'm not doing to bad after my delivery from get knitted I started on my modular jumper and of course got impatient with it and am not quite doing it in the right order but I think it will be ok but I think maybe a couple more balls of yarn are required (as if I need an excuse to buy more :).

I alo got my ebay win through the post of some Kon Tiki yarn by Robin in bright orange which is going to be great for kits.

Finally unpacked most of the boxes from the show and the studio almost back to normal for the felting workshop in two weeks time.

Hopefully going to visit the Knotiing show at the craft council tomorrow before Liberty's but we will see, I'm bacj to taking it a day at a time unfortunately.

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