Thursday, March 24, 2005

Olympia here we come

As the title suggests I have got myself in trouble again, whilst spending a wonderful day with Tess and Les from silkwood yarns (see link) we got talking about this up and coming show and I mentioned that I thought I would just go along as a punter and see if it was the normal cross stich madness that it usually was, then we got onto the subject of Relax and knit and the next thing I know we are on the phone to the organisers and thats it we have a stand and a relax and knit with both my kits and silkwood yarns on the stand so guess whose going to be burning the midnight oil again to get kits ready for seven days time, at least its a little closer to home. All I have to do is resist Silkwoods new yarns absolutely heavenly colours in the 4ply (pictures to follow).

We had a nice relaxed evening at Liberty this evening, with a rather to successful trip to a new bead shop in Kingley Ct in Carnaby Street. Lots of new things to play with and no time to do it.

Comission shawl finished and picked up, unfortunately no picture as stupidly forgot to take camera to studio this morning but Teresa was thrilled with the simple lace and drop pattern. Also a nice visit from Jill with some wonderful wools to swell my kit stash, she is an angel.


Amelia said...

I will come and play at Olympia on the Knit and Relax stand if you'll have me. But I think that I shall have to leave my wallet at home :)A. x

Nickerjac said...

Love to see you there will organise either to bring a pass with me thursday night or to get you to phone me when you get there and \i will come and get you in.