Friday, March 18, 2005

Been a while

Sorry its been a while since I've been here, its strange I start to think that things are kind of getting back to normal and something comes along and it all hits you again like a large black tidal wave. It was a combination of being asked out by somebody from my past (I was definitely not ready for it but felt having turned down four others in the last three months that maybe it was time) and Robins Grand daughters birthday combined with the three month anniversary of his death coming up I think it just all got on top of me and I am back to taking it a day at a time.

Enough about my personal stuff and more about the important things in life knitting.
I'm still working on the pattern from brilliant knits, its growing fast but looks a little like a blanket at the moment. I have a new comission from Teresa for another shawl for her travels round the festivals this summer and so far I am using two shades of Giotto, one shiller and one point five from Colinette and the bright cerise Kid Silk Haze and some home dyed lime greem double knit. She wanted something more cob webby than the last one but still has to be quite tough so am using 12mm needles with a simple eyelet lace stich with the occasional double wrap. I promise pictures when my computer works properly.

Went to Liberty last night, it was a nice quiet night with everyone I think having been at the sale the day before but I got to see Brooke and Sirus, so cute and such a good baby.

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