Sunday, May 28, 2006

Birthday news

So finally I am getting to blog about my wonderful birthday last week. Firstly I was treated to breakfast in bed by Andy which was no mean feat as his shoulder had completely frozen the day before so was very sore and we couldn't get an appointment with the doctor until Thursday so it was a bit of a treat.
This was followed by a wonderful visit from Andy's daughter with these wonderful flowers (and vase thankfully) plus some lovely incense burning things which ere a gift from her family and Andy's boy Scott, I was absolutely thrilled as I wasn't expecting anything and made me feel very much part of the family.
We then spent a wonderful day together just relaxing and me not being allowed to do anything finished off with a very extravagent chinese takeaway. Posted by Picasa


Choux*Pastry*Heart said...

love the flowers!!

Knitting@number9 said...

Belated 'Happy Birthday' Nic - glad to see you had a lovely day and were spoilt rotten! Gill