Friday, May 05, 2006

fully illustrated

Good news Andy has solved the problem of posting pics on my blog, isn't he great now all we have to do is be able to download the pictures from my camera and we will be set. This means I can finally post a picture of the wonderful crochet hook travel case that I won from Knitotherapy.
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Its fantastic and even has a little zippered section down the end for the cutter she added as an extra bonus. All the money she gets from her ebay sales are going towards her fundraising for the race for life cancer research which of course is a cause close to my heart so go and check out her new sales
Over great news is that me and Andy won a new three piece suite for 99p on ebay yesterday now all we have to do is find someone who can drive a van and we're away. Slowly but surely am moving here the stash is slowly appearing and when my wheel is here then that's it. I have found my new local yarn store in Dagenham heathway and have made my first purchases some very pretty 4ply lilac cotton for the lovely Reid pattern from Knitty I haven't decided upon the edging colour just yet, I might try and be good and see what I have in my stash.

More knitting news is that I managed to get to Liberty last night to meet up with my fellow knitters and fell in lust with several things firstly Big Girl Knits I fell in love with this book especially as most of the patterns in it I can just knit no getting out the graph paper and the calculater and the first two chapters of information are worth their weight in gold. The other possession of Yvonnes that is on my wish list (when the budget allows) is the wedding ring shawl the quality of the pattern was well worth the price which was what was making me hesitate about ordering it but now I've seen everything that goes with it including enough of 5 or 6 sample yarns to do a swatch I think its a real bargain.

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Pilar said...

Beautyfull dear, thanks for the link, i'll look at it on a while.
By the way, thanks so much for those wonderful socks, I'm overwelmed :)