Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Progrees and Evidence

I have just been over to Pilars site and have found this lovely picture of my finished sockpalooza socks so just to prove I did actually finish them here is the proof. I also sent her a postcard of Richmond an address book which perfectly matched the socks in colour and a hank of Silkwoods new sock yarn.

I have tackled the garden a little further and as suggested given both of the butterfly bushes a drastic hair cut, I also met my new neighbours who happen to have the most wonderful organic garden and actually landscape for a living and lent me the proper tools to attack the bushes with. Hopefully now that my computer is here I might be able to take pictures tomorrow and post you the latest look weather permitting.

Reid is going well although after casting on and knitting a few rows having expected it to come up a little smaller than the pattern it is huge so I went back and checked the label on the yarn I brought to find I had accidently brought DK anyway so all is well. Posted by Picasa


Brigid said...

The socks look great. I love the mad pattern on the feet! Good luck with the garden.

Pilar said...

I'm glad you liked the picture, I'm thinking about something nice to knit with the beauty yarn you sent me, maybe a pair of mits for winter (will spend Xmas in Denmark)
I'm looking foreward for shopping wool on your site, so hurry!!

Jill said...

The sock wool from Silk Wood looks great.....good job you don't suffer from hay-fever!