Saturday, May 06, 2006

My new found eden

So here is my inherited garden,
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now anyone who knows me knows I do not have green fingers, now I like the idea and enjoy being out in the garden but the back garden back at home was just too large for me to even sart on as when we arrived it was under a tonne of brambles and tangle weed. Now as you can see from the pile of cuttings underneath the arch I have already started to attack the plants as although the garden is in reasonable shape some of rthe plants need some drastic trimming, and I know it isn't probably the right time of the year to do this but I kind of feel I need to get control of it and if I leave it till later in the year there mat be no going back. There is also a nice little gravelled and paved area behind the arch where eventually with some luck on e-bay we would like maybe a table and chairs or a bench something to go and just sit in the garden. I really like the two trees either side of the arch( not sure what they are any suggestions welcome) but in the past someone has attempted to grow a rose over the arch but it is either the wrong type of rose or they just gave in and before I trimmed it back it was about a 9ft leggy bush so have cut it back rather aggresively so fingers crossed.
As the move continues I keep adding a slightly girlie touch to the flat and there where three things that I insisted that we needed to get, firstly a mirror, we now have a very nice wood framed mirror hanging in the bedroom, number two was a fruit bowl, I eat a lot of fruit and my theory is if it is sitting there in sight that I might just eat that instead of something more naughty.
And this was my final request   Posted by Picasa
an egg holder, I have no explanation for this what so ever just needed one, isn't it cute (sorry for the poor picture I am still learning how to use Andy's camera).

Couple of pieces of knitting news I can now reveal the new yarn shop I was alluding to about a month ago, go check out knitaround for further details I can't wait for it to open. Secondly my sockpalozza match has got her socks go and say hi to Pilar here. If you are the person knitting for me do not worry about me not mentioning recieving my socks its just I haven't been to the studio this week and am very excited about going there on Monday.


Wye Sue said...

Nice garden, can't tell what the trees are, can you do a closer shot ?
Looks like a buddleia bush by the shed that would love to have a hair cut... Most plants are ok being cut after frost as past, you might lose a year's flowering but the growth should be stronger. If they don't survive then they are just not meant to be ;-)

m said...

I agree with Sue.Why not e-mail me some close-ups.

dawn said...

I'm know nothing about plants, but I'm very excited aobut the new yarn shop! I must get aruond to going to the putney group in the next few weeks!