Monday, July 03, 2006

Home Again

Have finally returned home from a long weekend at Silkwood looking after the bunnies, in this weather I really don't envy them there thick coats.
I managed to get some dyeing done, some for stash, some for my upcoming sock kits.
I would post the pics but at the moment it is rather a long winded process of downloading pics from my camera onto my laptop then saving that to CD (Andy's computer doesn't accept my memory stick) and then loading them onto his computer and so on and so forth, you can imagine it kind of stops the flow of my blog entrys but we are working on this so hopefully eventually we'll get it sorted.
I even went to youth group tonight, I must be mad in this weather, you how children get in this weather well multiply it by fifteen, I am happy to report they all went home in one piece even though tempted on a couple of occasions to throw one of them from a first floor window.

Talking of the youth group there has been something bugging me for the last few days, in our youth club we do have competitive games as we believe it teachs children good sportsmanship and the ability to loose gracefully and know they are not always going to suceed (or get what they want) and how to deal with that. The most important of these for me is good sportmans ship, and as well as awards at the end of term for tournament winners the biggest prize is for the child that we feel showed the meaning of good sportsmanship. I have to say at this point we make sure that the tournaments cater for all different abilities from Connect 4 for the more cerebal to table tennis for the more active we also usually have some sort of art or craft award to.

Getting back to the point I was making about good sportmanship, well whilst watching the England v Equador game I couldn't believe my ears when I heard one of the commentators congratulate the referee on making the wrong desicion because it was in Englands favour, at that moment I felt he had destroyed many years of work that me and my fellow youth workers have put in by this guy celebrating cheatingthen I thought lets be rational its just one guy this might be a one off, but time and time again this happened, much to my frustration and then what finally topped it all off was a commentator in the England v Portugal match said that we were to nice and needed to play the game a bit more. I give in all hope I really do.

Ok so now I have that off my chest I promis actual knitting pictures tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


dawn said...

Can't you plug your camera into andy's computer? then go to mycomputer and look for the extra drive and click on that, eventually you'll come to the pictures and can save them on the copmuter.
How was woolfest, or didn't you go?

noblinknits said...

It's not just the commentators I guess. If England players will keep kicking people and getting sent off!

I think I should come and play with you guys. I'm a terrible loser and definitely need to learn some sportsmanship.