Monday, August 28, 2006

And the Heavens Opened

Ok so I should have guessed the weather wouldn't hold, last night after watching Last Orders with Nizlopi and Cathy Burton we decided to grab a cup of tea in the 24hr cafe, looking back this may have been a mistake as we started the journey back up to the tent it started to drizzle, by the time we were half way back the heavens had opened and it was driving rain at that by the time we were back to the tent we were freezing and soaked to the skin. Now any of you who camp will know how difficult it is to get warm in the early hours of the morning in a tent when you are wet especially as we had used our one and only towel for a tea and coffee catastrophe.
So on went the fleece the socks the shawl another shawl and the hat and the sleeping bag and still frozen but did manage to get some sleep even with the deafening noise from the rain.
Of course an early morning visit to the porta loo was called for, now I have to say they do a really great job with them here they are cleaned every day and the toilet paper and hand stuff is replenished but it is still a porta loo and unfortunately for some unknown reason it seemed to have been placed in a ditch so now sits in a bog which of course is great for flip flops but managed , the sky was amazing though and the site amazingly peaceful and dry. It didn't last by the time I had managed the contortionist act of getting dressed in the tent it started again. I think the upshot of all of this is that maybe unless one of us learns to drive so we can bring a few more luxuries like tables and chairs my kingsize duvet that maybe next year we are looking at the halls of residence.
Now I know that you are thinking why am I sitting here at a computer when I could be out there watching live music, two reasons, well maybe three or four, firstly it is raining again and this is one place I can come and get a good mug of tea in a proper mug without my feet being six inches in mud, secondly the talk I had planned to go to has been cancelled and at the music on the main stage isn't so good that I will go and stand in the rain to watch it:)
Can't wait to get home to share alll my pictures and more stories, of course the pictures will be of nothing important but hopefully I'll be able to link you to a few good pics.


mrspao said...

If it is any consolation, it has been tipping down here in Kent on and off all weekend and my garden is a boggy mire. Getting soaked through is no fun - poor you.

Daisy said...

Phew, somehow I don't think tonsillitis and all that wet and cold would have mixed!
The halls of residence is probably worth a try, although I think they get booked up very quickly!