Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I know I've not blogged for a bit but haven't felt that inspired to do so, so many things going on around here at the moment sometimes it is difficult for me to keep up with myself.
As you can see from the picture I have been at Silkwood for a couple of days, aren't these two cute when I was there last time they were only just out of their nest but now they seem huge in comparison and very very lively, had a great time trying to keep them from jumping from the cage when I opened it to feed them.
One of the things that is going on at the moment is that we have been given notice to vacate the flat that we rent, not because of anything we've done I hasten to add but the owners just want to sell the property. They have been really good about it and have given us more than the required notice but it just means that we have to find somewhere and move out before the beginning of November, which isn't so bad but we had just started to feel settled. admittedly not all of my stuff is here yet but we had just started to get vaguely organised.
The other thing that is on my mind is that we are due to go to greenbelt this weekend which I was so excited about had the train tickets booked, a pre erected tent all booked and then things start to go wrong, to start with I went back to Barnes to pick up to the tickets from Silkwood yesterday it took three and a half hours due to some prats seen wandering around on the train lines so all the electricity to the local network was cut so we just sat there a while and then there was a problem on the tube so finally arrived to find no tickets. A little frustrating to say the least as all I wanted to do was come home. So when I finally got home, another terrible journey (about three hours) I e-mailed them to enquire as to what was going on and ask if they could be left at the gate for us to pick up, no reply so at mid day today I tried again to a different e-mail address asking the same thing. This time I got a very quick reply by someone who is obviously really busy and hadn't read the message properly and had very kindly promised to send me them first class.
Good News they just called and apparently I just caught her and she is sending them here hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if only the weather would suddenly transform into something nice. The other good bit is going to be is meeting up with fellow knitters at 5:30pm at the little tea tent, so any of you lurkers who are also turning up at Greenbelt bring your knitting and introduce yourself:)
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Anne said...

Yay! I'll be there at the Tiny Tea Tent 5:30, Friday - I'll be knitting (or shouting at two small children, or both...)

mrspao said...

Have a great time!

Sorry to hear about the flat - hope you find something new soon. Some days are horribly frustrating.

Liz said...

Have a great time! And thanks for the Greenbelt catering info you sent me for my friend...

Daisy said...

Hope I'll make it. I love having tonsillitis and if it makes me miss Greenbelt and will be SO SO SO mad!