Friday, August 04, 2006


Ok so after a discussion with Mary at Stash on Saturday about Grafting Garter stitch on the bottem of Noblin Knits Booties she recommended this book.

Buy This

Well I have seen this book a few times and have dismissed with out even opening it because I have quite a few knitting hand books as you can imagine all I can say is that I was wrong this is the ultimate reference book and if you are new to knitting this is the one I would recommend from no on (not to expensive either) It has great clear instructions on any cast on you can imagine and much more.

This book on the other hand was a major disappointment,

Don't Buy This

When I found about it I thought great finally I will manage to get buttons on to my blog successfully maybe even create a new template rather than the set ones, I was so wrong, from the description I thought this book would give me all this information and more but no not a chance this is basically for beginners and goes through the basics for your first entry and posting pics.

Other good news though is that Skip North Dates all confirmed and keep an eye on the website for more details, you can also see what we got up to last time.


Annarella said...

I totally second your recommandation for the Knitter's HandBook, brilliant reference, and funny dated pics, cute! ;) x

alltangledup said...

there are loads of free resources for templates. I'll send you the links and if you point out what you like and I'll help you set it up if you get stuck

m said...

I used occasionally to go across town (Cambridge) to Montse's house in the early 90's. She had the most amazing collection of knitted items. We would talk and talk, and talk.

Donna said...

Thanks for the book tip - I love finding great new knitting books.

mrspao said...

I can help you if you get stuck :)