Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All aboard the Sky Lark

Look I have been successfully killed by Siewsim from Canada. They are knitted from Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe and the colours are absolutely beautiful. Thy also included some beautiful stitch makers which have been put straight to use on my clapoti.
I think I have managed to redirect my targets unfinished sock straight to my assasin, this has all been such fun and have got to talk to many new knitters in the process.
Besides doing my duty at youth club on Monday night I have been winding kits all hours and they are everywhere Andy is now becoming very proficent at winding skeins with a Niddy Noddy, so this has meant little knitting time, between the kits and packing up the flat :) Posted by Picasa


Piglottie said...

What divine socks, gorgeous colourway - a good thing to be assassinated with, methinks ;-)

Anne said...

Beautiful socks - a good way to die methinks!

Anonymous said...

A great way of dying happy :)

Whirly Sue said...

A messgae for Andy
''All aboard the Skylark''

See you next week???

blueadt said...

Hi Nic

I've just been given some Kersti for Christmas & am making socks - of course. I'd love to know how your pair have worn etc.

A belated Merry Christmas - I hope you both had a lovely day.