Thursday, November 30, 2006

And on it goes

Ok all I can say about this week is that I thought
it was as bad as it could get and then it just got
worse, so I apologise for my lack of blogging and
uncheerful entrys .

To answer the questions about the sock yarn it is Sox 4 Colour Twister from Inox the only link I can find for it is here, it has grown a little since the last post and the secret pressie has grown a little further too.

Did manage to have some fun this week when Robin taught me how to cement a stain glass window and I hope I get a chance to do some more, it was messy but very satisfying to see the final clean. No pictures of course because I forgot the camera next time I promise Posted by Picasa


Anne said...


littlelixie said...

That tattoo is fricking amazing. Oh wow wow wow.

Also hugs xxxx

I, like the view said...

how cool is that tattoo!!!

way cool!!!