Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some proper blogging

Ok now for some proper blogging, A lot has been happening over the last couple of weeks beside the move firstly as you can tell from the picture we had Louisa Harding visiting the shop on Saturday and we had a great turn out, check out the pic on Michelles blog to see how crowded the store gets, I also finally got to meet Diane as we got to work together for the first time.
It was a great day, I love working there on the saturday, especially now that I found a better route to get there, I get to see a lot of friends who love to knit its fantastic. I am teaching again this Saturday which is always fun, this time its is the beginners and the beyond the basics class.
We have also been to see Andy's son in laws bands, yes I do mean bands, play at The Cheery Tree back near where we used to live, it was a great night A13 played first followed by Black tooth a covers band, it was a long smokey night but great fun.
Unfortunately I heard from my brother last night that dad had gone into hospital with some sort of foot infection, apparently my brother has been nagging him for a couple of weeks to go and get his foot checked out until basically he couldn't walk. I am waiting to hear further news this morning. Posted by Picasa