Friday, November 17, 2006


Thanks to everybody for their wonderful thoughts, just a
quick update. Not a lot of knitting I'm afraid, concentration levels not so great have cast on a couple of things but my mind is just not in the right frame for it.
Had a bit of a bad week but coming out the other side have stuck to my guns and haven't visited my Dad every day just a couple of times but unfortunately my brother has a holiday booked for next week so me and Andy are moving back to my old house to look after the cats and keep an eye on Dad so maybe off line for a little bit. We'll also be packing up the studio so anybody up for a bit of box packing is welcome:)
Unfortunately my experience so far has not made my feelings about hospitals any better, more details when I am feeling a little more objective but all I will say is that most of the problems can be traced back to money or lack of in certain parts of the NHS.
Will be at Stash on Saturday for a wonderful time of renewal. it is always great to go there and just talk about knitting and have a giggle with friends and I get the chance to caress some of the most beautiful yarns what more can anybody ask from a job :) Posted by Picasa


mrspao said...

Hugs. I'm thinking of you.

dawn said...

I'll be there! Bringing both the Hap shawls and the victorian lace shawls books to keep you occupied!


cccavicch said...

Hi, Nic! So sorry to hear about the stressful situation with your Dad. I think you're taking a good approach to this; it's important to take care of yourself, not just him.

I've been lurking for months, glad to read that things are generally going well for you. Haven't knit anything up yet with the lovely silk yarn you gave me, am still enjoying fondling it too much!