Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pictures at last.

So Finally I get my act together and let you see some
pictures of the new place, to start with this a quick photo
of Andy and his mate Chris (who we owe tons to as we
couldn't have moved without him plus Andy's Son Scott who worked so hard) in the middle of the
move planning the next load.
I have to say that it was exhausting and I have no idea how the boys felt as they dropped me off in Putney on the Saturday Morning when they came to Barnes to pick up my stuff from home and studio. I did have fun getting me home for the first time as most of the tube was down and enede up trying not to have a panic attack at Bank. You see I have a small problem with heights and I have never been to bank before and didn't realise how steep their escalators were, but knowing my options were limited I just closed my eyes and got on, now I managed to do the first step and got to the second step to find that they weren't working, now I knew from experience that there was no way I was going to be able to walk down as I have tried it on a smaller escaletor before and I have to stop every second step because I get dizzy, now this isn't very practical in a busy station, so I satrt to get myself worked up because I am now worried that the up escaltor isn't going to work and I am going to get trapped, and there are no members of staff here and I am too far down to use my mobile phone. Thankfully The up escalator is working but I was sweating and shaking bu the time I got back to the main station. Not a great start to my new commuting route. I know from reading it back it sounds stupid but its just one of those things I guess. But on with pictures of the new place. Posted by Picasa