Friday, December 29, 2006

Hi 1

Ok I am sorry this is going to be a very bitty entry as I don't want to write yet another long entry and lose it.
So I am starting with this wonderful Parcel from SP that arrived this morning she has been a great SP in this Christmas themed selection. We have a copy of Knit It which not only has some real cute baby patterns in them but also a Cat Bohrdi Interview and a pattern for one of her mobieous bags. There are two types of 'Peanuts' Hot Choclate, some fun tissues, a cute ornament for our tree next year, some sweeties not all of which survived for the photo shoot and a really cute family pic :)
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Anonymous said...

Hey there Nic, your blog looks great by the way!
Glad all the goodies got to you safely and that your Christmas turned out better than expected;)
Your Hubby is a dream. What a Love to give such a romantic gift. I hope the New Year brings you Peace & Happiness. I wish that for us all. Take care of yourself.
Your Secret Pal.