Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sorry more doggie Pics

I could just about get blogger to accept these two pics before it stopeed so no lovely picture of the lovely handmade card that Liz sent me or the little giftie from Jan but you do get to see more of womble, this was earlier in the week when we couldn't get her further that the front gate but the good news tonight is that she managed to get all the way down to the park.
Besides the wonderful womble we have had a bit of a stressful week not helped by me not feeling the best just a bit of a cold I think. Dad has also had to have another couple of Ops and I have to say that christmas cards have gone completely out of the window in fact trying to work out when I am going to go and do the food shopping.
To answer a few more questions about womble, no she wasn't a early christmas present, we have had our name down at a local animal rescue centre for a while as we knew that when we got a house one of the things we wanted was a dog. We were kind of expecting either a dog after christmas , an unwanted gift say or an older dog so it was at very short notice that we had the call from Sarah as Womble had been staying in a foster home with her sister but was starting to misbehave due to lack of attention as there were a couple of other dogs in the house so they wanted to stop that before it even started. The only problem that the original owners seemed to have caused is that she was overfed so is now on a very strict diet.
She is wonderful but very active and the only traits she seems to have of a staff is a very powerful jaw as she goes through dog toys and bones at a rate of knots.
Knitting wise very little going on at the moment, have been eying up a few things on the new Knitty and have just recieved my Proud to be Crafty zine from Lixie and might tackle some crochet flowers tonight. Posted by Picasa


mrspao said...

Womble is gorgeous!!

dawn said...

Cute Womble! At least she's settling in now - wonder when the chewing will stop? Some breeds act like puppies all their life! I think I have the same lurgy as you now, hopefully gone for Christmas

Piglottie said...

Womble is soooo cute! I'm sure she will bring you years of happiness. And while I'm here, hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and very best wishes for 2007.

I, like the view said...

your xmas card awaits collection over at my place!

Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, what a cute, cute furry baby Womble is! Have a lot of fun with her!